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  1. That sounds so cute!! We had snow this morning, and our Science teacher told us it wouldn't still be snowing at break, but it was still snowing about an hour ago haha But it rained earlier so it isn't sticking. A few weeks back we had a few days off, but I don't think we'll get anymore soon. Anyway we break up for half term on Friday Giraffagotchi
  2. Sounds funny! Well done on the snowman! We have a cat too, called Smudge (I know, such an imaginative name) and he gets really nervous in the snow. When he was a kitten, we put him in the snow for the first time and he started kicking it around. One winter we had such a lot of snow and he was trying to walk through it. It was just high enough to tickle his tummy fur and he was making little jumps in the air. Very cute. Giraffagotchi By the way, I like your siggy. I downloaded her second album, Echo, and I can't stop listening to it .
  3. Hi guys, We in the UK have loads of snow at the moment, don't know about anywhere else though. We went back to school yesterday but we are off today because of the snow and it doesn't look like we'll be going in tomorrow either, because as my mum and I walked back from the shops, it really threw it down! Anyway, mum and I made a snow cat last year. Also, this year, my dad was sorting the water butts out and left a hose stuck on the grass in our garden, and now there's snow everywhere, it looks like the Loch Ness Monster. One of the bits has disappeared though because of the extra snow. Just looked out he window, it's really mad! There are just white streaks falling everywhere even faster than before! I need to calm down . So, anybody have any funny stories, or just little tales? Would love to know . Giraffagotchi
  4. "Happy" by Leona Lewis. I just really wanna live life Giraffagotchi
  5. So you can only have black hair at your school? Or is it because she had dyed her hair blonde when it was naturally black? The boys at our school have to wear ties and blazers, yet the girls only have to wear jumpers . We aren't allowed to dye our hair if it isn't a natural colour, ie my hair is dark brown but I could dye it blonde because blonde is a natural hair colour, just not my natural hair colour. No-one takes any notice though. Make-up is not allowed but that rule isn't enforced either! I don't wear make-up or dyed hair, and wouldn't anyway, but even if I did I don't think anyone would actually care!! Giraffagotchi
  6. Thanks!! I get it now. You're quite clever then! Giraffagotchi
  7. Hiya, just wondered what all the 'Honors' stuff was cos I live in England and I don't think we have that stuff here . Also, it's not confusing! It gives a bit of change, which is nice. I don't think I explained it very well! Basically, we have Red and Blue Week. We have different lessons on a Red Monday compared to Blue Monday and so on. That's all . Giraffagotchi
  8. Yeah. My mate has a one week thing but I would find that so boring! It's nice to get different combis; no Monday on the trot is the same . Giraffagotchi PS Love the avatar .tee.hee...x
  9. Very precise!! Is this your timetable for every day or does it change? I have 10 different timetables! Our schedule alternates between two weeks, so we have Red Monday, Red Tuesday, Red Wednesday, Red Thursday and Red Friday, and then Blue Monday, Blue Tuesday, Blue Wednesday, Blue Thursday and Blue Friday. Then it goes back to Red Monday etc. Each day is different which is why I said I had 10 different timetables. I also have choir every Thursday. Giraffagotchi
  10. It's my 14th tomorrow!! I like days like today with the same numbers 09/09/09. We will never have 0something again for a thousand years! I know we will have 10/10/10, 11/11/11 (that's cool) and 12/12/12, but I like the 0somethings more. Giraffagotchi
  11. The Declaration - Gemma Malley (The Resistance is the sequel, but I haven't read it yet.) The Book of Dead Days - Marcus Sedgwick (Dark Flight Down is the sequel and both are great.) The Dark Horse - Marcus Sedgwick Home - Nicola Davies Giraffagotchi
  12. This is a great song! Is it a proper song with a rhythm, or is it a partially-rhyming poem?
  13. This is good!! Very atmospheric. Giraffagotchi
  14. I read a book once written from different points of view. It wasn't in a steady pattern ie Person 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3,, and it overlapped sometimes which didn't make it confusing just slightly boring. "Voice in the Distance" is a great book, with lots of characters but only the main two 'writing'. The chapters never overlapped and the book was brilliant. The author just had a plotline, and for each chapter decided who would tell it better. It was a great book. Also, don't make the plot too predictable, but if it is going to be fairly standard, the way you write it has to be brilliant to make it stand out. There was something else I was going to mention but I've forgotton. I'll edit when it comes back to me. Those are my tips!! Giraffagotchi
  15. That's brilliant!! I love the way the maid talks in it! There is a strong sense of atmospherey-whatsit: imagery in it, which is good. It's like you aren't reading at all; you are stood there watching the scene. Well done!! Giraffagotchi