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  1. I have a terrible cursing habit. It probably started in seventh grade and right now I'm a junior in high school. I say every bad word under the sun and I really am not pleased with it. I'm personally trying to stop but it's become such a habit that it's almost impossible.
  2. I have a Canon Rebel XS (1000D) I like the camera because it was cheap, and it's an SLR. Not the most high up on the market but it's a good camera and opened up a lot more financial opportunities to purchase lenses (which in the end, matter quite a bit in terms of creative control). I want to buy a Canon Rebel T2i. Mainly for it's HD video. And it's high ISO settings. I don't know any pros that use my camera but there's a lot of amazing photographers online. And many photographers use Canon cameras.
  3. Public high school, from grade 9-12. A magnet school sounds pretty dandy though, I'd love to just learn the arts.
  4. Nothing special. Just the basics - last day of school, Christmas, New Years. Then after that it's our school formal, a dance I'm actually pretty excited about.
  5. Facebook - Hanging with the girls. And Kiersten. making fun of my friend over the interwebs how nice of me haha.
  6. I honestly don't know what I want to do. It makes me jealous that all of you have everything planned out and your future is as clear as day. I'm so lost. For a while I was going to be a photographer. Can't do that, because how can you survive taking pictures for a living if everyone has a camera? Then I thought journalism. That's a dying field, with the internet and all. Psychology, well that would be cool. Except that's a doctor. Being a doctor isn't cheap. So now I plan on moving to Paris and living on the streets.
  7. I don't have any habits that are overly weird, but I tend to randomly twitch. And after I'm done coughing, I almost always shake my head a bit then tap it quickly a couple times.
  8. ABC Quiz A - Apple type: Macintosh B - Bed size: any type lol. I'll sleep anywhere. C - Chore you hate: DISHES, anything but dishes. D - Dog's name: My old dog's name was Moose. ): E - Essential start to your day item: Face wash F - Favorite color: blue G - Gold or Silver: silver H - Height: 5'3" I - Instruments you play(ed): Tenor saxophone, bass guitar, and guitar (not not very well) J - Job title: student. K - Kid(s): ha def. not. L - Looks like: no one. myself. M - Marshmallow fights: SURE N - Nicknames: anything country related, hipster O - Overnight hospital stay other than your birth: when I broke my arm in grade four P - Pet Peeve: stupidity Q - Quote from a movie/video game/tv show: R - Right or left handed: right handed S- Siblings: NOPE ! T - Time you wake up: as late as possible, for school it's usually 7 U- Underwear color: red V - Vegetable you dislike: olives W - Ways you run late: getting ready for too long, forgetting stuff, etc X - X-rays you've had: arm, wrist, and chest Y - Yummy food you make: pasta sauce haha ? I don't cook very well. Z - Zoo favorite: all of them (: _____________________________ FAVORITES: Food→ pasta ! Drinks → iced tea or Red Bull Clothing→ vintage type stuff, sweat pants, dresses Books → Memoirs of a Geisha Music → alternative rock, rock, mellow type stuff, everything. Flower→ hmm.. tiger lilies Colors → blue, purple, certain types of green Movies → 300, Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Inception Hobby → photography ! _____________________________ THIS OR THAT: coke or pepsi? Coke, forever and always. Harry Potter or Twilight? Harry Potter comedy or horror? Comedy red or blue? Blue sun or moon? Moon orange or green? green pink or purple? purple taylor lautner or robert pattinson? hm, Taylor's looks with Robert's acting skill. he's not too bad. David Archuleta or David Cook? neither ? dark chocolate or white chocolate? WHITE winter or summer? summer apples or banana's? apples _____________________________ WOULD YOU RATHER? bungee jump or skydive? wow, hmm, bungee jump I think. get a bad sunburn or never go in the sun again? get a bad sunburn of course break your arm or break your leg? break my arm, been there done that Run outside naked or get electrocuted? hahaha oh probably electrocuted. Be attacked by a swarm of bees or be trapped in a lion's cage for a whole day? swarm of bees ! Get eaten by ants or by a lion? a lion, not as embarrassing
  9. I'd love to do NaNoWriMo this year, I heard of it last year but didn't start early enough. Problem is, I don't have ideas. They never seem to progress or have to much relation to something already in existence. and @ SallyLove that idea sounds wonderful, good luck
  10. My phone, the one that I had for almost 5 years broke last month. I was sad, because even though it was old it was still really advanced, with internet browsing and such. I loved it. It was hard to text on though, since it didn't have a full keyboard, so in a way I'm kind of glad I'm getting a new phone. I'm going tomorrow and I'm getting a Blackberry, most likely the bold. The new Torch is cool, but touch screens aren't going to work for me, I'd rather just have a phone with the scrolling cursor or specific buttons.
  11. We don't have football so we don't have homecoming. We do have a formal though, which is always around Christmas time. No one really goes with dates, as that's more for prom, which is only for the graduates. I'm kind of sick of school dances, but I'll go anyways. I still have months to find a dress, so if I see one I'll be sure to pick it up. I hated mine from last year, I don't even know why I bought it.
  12. Even though I'm on Windows, I'm on Safari. It rocks. I love how my bookmarks are in a bar above the window, and generally I find it faster than other browsers. Plus, it looks nice. Yay.
  13. This semester is going to be pretty decent. One teacher doesn't believe in homework, another barely teaches to begin with, photography is my strength, and my other teacher teaches a subject I'm generally interested about. For homework this weekend, I have to write a critque on one of my photos from last year. And then for history, I have to read an article and answer some questions. Next semester though, oh my gosh.. Two sciences, and math. Music I'm not too worried about.
  14. Cobbs wedding ring was actually his rue totem. While he wears his wedding ring, he is dreaming. We he's in reality, he's not wearing it. In the ending scene, he's not wearing a wedding ring. Plus, even though his top totem used to be his wife's, she's dead. I don't think that would alter it's reliability because no living person has touched it/used it.