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  1. I remember I had just moved to a different state and I was talking to my friend from my old town on the phone. I was probably about 10 years old at the time. She asked if I had heard of Tamagotchis and I told her I hadn't, so she proceeded to tell me a little bit about them. It interested me a lot and I wanted one. I eventually saw the commercial and wanted one even more. It must've been around the holiday season.. I had told my dad how I wanted one and I remember quite vividly, one of the presents I hadn't opened yet was in a clothing box, so I was just like "oh it must be clothes or pajamas or something," and I opened it and sitting there in the box were two V1 Tamagotchis. I'm pretty sure these were the designs: http://i52.tinypic.com/316pydh.jpg http://tamafans.weeb...831/8894972.jpg I was extremely happy xD and started them up that night. I loved those tamas, I grew so attached to them. A year or 2 later I ended up giving one to my friend and the other, this girl apparently lost them plus a couple other tamas I was letting her borrow, but oh well- I still had more tamas in my growing collection. xD A couple years ago I started to miss the V1's again and bought the same design as the second link up there (I probably would have gotten a different design but it was the only one I could find on ebay); it was so nice playing with a V1 again- so many memories.
  2. Wow that was really nice of them :3 Such a cute card, too.
  3. Wow, Happy 8th Birthday TamaTalk!!! And thank you, Admin, for making this site and all the work you do! I can't believe I've been on this site off and on for 6 years o_o Omg where did time go D: I also feel old :c
  4. Oh you know something else? I went on the old Tamatown site for V3 tamas and it's not giving out any codes! You know how it usually gives out the passport at the beginning, then if you buy items at the mall or wherever you go, it gives you a code. Well some of the codes just aren't showing up, and when I try to buy something it just says "Error, please try again!" I've tried exiting and reopening the site several times and clicking on different items and it's not working! o.o So not only the new tamatown is down, but the old one is having errors :C They really need to get on top of this.
  5. OH MY GOSH. THIS. THIS EXACTLY. I won't even go on yet another Spyro rant since it would be off-topic. But I agree.
  6. I believe he said "things for the bath," not math =P Even still. Like everyone else, I am quite disappointed. Yup :U Hopefully they'll have some common sense to actually listen to their fans and not just carry on clueless the rest of their lives. I also disliked the video and wrote some feedback on it. *sigh* Well I wasn't expecting Tamagotchi to really release anything else in the US after the Tama-Go so I guess I never really had my hopes up in the first place. At least they haven't completely forgotten about tamas.
  7. Oh wow, this has been going on for a whole week? o_o I just tried going on it today and I got the same problem so I came onto TT to see if other people were having the same problem. I had thought they deleted my account or something! I also tried making a new account and it wouldn't work. To have this going on for an entire week is really strange. Has anyone emailed Bandai about this?
  8. I feel like starting up another tama again..

  9. LOL Raffehjillo XDD I got.. Hesitant Wizard Depressed Egoism (;\\) Clumsy Lamp (<333 ;D) Romantic Pokemon (XDD) Coded Delight Sammich Sardine Frigid Dwarf (FRIGIDAIRE!! HAH) Pseudo Grapes (lulz) Stewed Fire (STEREW!) Dark Stars etc. xDDD
  10. I joined in '06. At first I made an account but on the same day I think, I realized I really didn't like the name, so then I made my kuchipatchiluver account. I do kinda miss the good ol' days of TamaTalk but yet, now it's a bit easier to keep up with, instead of having a bajillion posts all the time that you can't keep track of anything o.o lol but also, it was fun having a lot of people on TamaChat and stuff. So I guess the way it is now could be good and bad.
  11. My favorite color is hot/dark pink, but I also really love blue (usually bright/light blue) and purple <3
  12. "It Ends Tonight" by All American Rejects (:
  13. Wow. .___. The super awesome sandwich has lettuce, cucumber, turkey, mayonnaise, chips, ham, fish, mustard, cheese, tomatoes, bread, ketchup, more mustard, baloney, sauce, a meat patty, eggplant, roast beef, butter, bread, Worcestershire Sauce, more ketchup, garlic, some blueberry jam, chicken, liquid sorrow, corn, honey, more lettuce, peanut butter, Nutella, peas, barbecue sauce, grapes, apples, mandarin orange slices, some decorative leaves, raspberries, a worm, Pumpkin Spread, royal ludroth's enemies, refried beans, a flag on the top, more ham, shredded coconut, human flesh, a peanut, a cat named Mike, and a witty joke, also chicken, fish, what pumpkin???, this pumpkin 8D, Lord Frederick von Hasslehoff, the awesome face, two 413 pound bags of candycorn, a 412 pound bag of candycorn, a carapace that ate the 412 pound bag of candycorn because it did not have 413 pounds of candy corn, which is still there, magically, cream pie, my eye which keeps unhelpfully falling out, a live pig, a slice of pizza, gingivitis, STRONG, cheerios, Spades Slick, a sombrero, a True Devil Slicerâ„¢, magnets, computer chips, worms and bugs, and some gorgeous Can-Can dancers doing the Can-Can on it, an unopened can of spam, Ex-Firelord Ozai and 1kg, or the sourest sherbet, a potted cactus, careful, and a mini Canadian Flag, heck yes, LOTS AND LOTS OF MUSTARD, POKEMON and a Survivor fan-girl! (which is not me) with a side order of old people fingernails with also a guy named Bob, butterflies, a sign that says 'Sugary was here!' and a Pokemon Siggy that say, "GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL! POKEMON!", a BIG FAT piece of moldy cheese, wItH a DaSh Of MiRaClEs, and a shoutout to Tama v9 for nearly copying my siggy, some more cans of spam, salami,