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  1. Didn't even know this site still existed, let alone me remembering the details to my 14 year old account haha

  2. Well, I dont think I've been on here in about 4 years hahaha.

  3. I think I probably joined about a billion years ago, well, it feels like it.
  4. A member called "Jiro" knows mine. And I know his.
  5. Thats stupid. Why should she deserve all the credit, yeah sure, she's being PAYED to mime in a video, she deseves half the credit she's getting. Oh, and the other members are Michael Norris, Mickey O'Brien and William Bowerman
  6. Like her? La Roux is a Band. I hate how The singer gets pretty much ALL the credit. Oh, and if she's that Bulletproof... why isn't she in Iraq?
  7. Im afraid that if you crash at the speeds that he was travelling (90+ MPH), padding the posts wouldn't have made much difference. It's not hitting the object that kills you, it's stopping at such velocity.
  8. I feel sorry for them when I walk past, I pretty much always give them enough money to at least by some food.
  9. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan's death upset me the most. He was the drummer for Avenged Sevenfold, he died on 28th December when he was only 28.
  10. I like "Soaked" basically because it was originally a Muse song.