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  1. Yay! Another 'kidult'! I wish I knew where to find the flower book myself but I don't. When you look north in a house that's not a house, you go to the North of either vacation island or the beach and dig by a sand castle. Took me awhile to get that one too. As for the pitchforks and halos, I go for the halos myself. It's all a matter of preference. If you want a naughty pet who will make friends with other naughty pets, you gather pitchforks, and if you want a nice pet, you gather halos instead. But I find that more pets have halos than pitchforks. But you can always use wicked wafers (not sure where you gather them)to reduce your halos or nice drops to reduce pitchforks. That way you can make friends with naughties and then later the nices or vise versa.
  2. The only way to get rid of pitchforks is to get "nice drops" Each nice drop gets rid of 10 pitchforks. Unfortunately, you only get these by chance while digging around. Visit the wishing well near the evil area and try to get what you need there. If you end up with a bunch of stuff you don't want, you can sell it. Specialty items like angel food cake, nice drops, etc. are worth 25 bucks a piece!
  3. Try walking it around to gather stuff. Sometimes you need to give more than one dose of medicine to heal it.
  4. It took me awhile to figure that one out as well. The look is a door that only opens at special times and can be found inside the store.(to the right of your house) The smart place is a door inside the pharmacy (to the left of your house)To get to the "evil" place or the "good" place, you have to get to the second level which can be found as a door that's available to open all the time in the pharmacy or the store. If you take the special door from the pharmacy, go right once you get outside. You will see another special area. Mine was heart shaped. It will turn dark once you get close enough. That's how you know you can go to a place. Once inside the special (third area, the good place is in the fortune tellers place to the left and the evil place and the wishing well are to the right. You will reach the end of the path and the trees will turn dark so you know you can enter there. Hope this helps and isn't too confusing.
  5. Well, I'm 40 and I like my Giga Pets. As far as pause goes, you can put it in a school from 7 am till 5pm and it wont get hungry or tired or bored. It will also learn tricks in that mode. And you can always change the clock to work around your schedule if you need it to be quiet in the evening. You can also mute it totally if you want. I have the TV game and I think it's worth it. It's not that hard or challenging though. All you do is run around digging stuff up for other pets who send you on item seeking quests. There is no real challenge, but if you just want to relax and engage in some mindless entertainment then it will be fun. I think it is. It's very relaxing! And cute! They can also learn to do tricks from other animals. There are lot's of quests and you also have special quests to look for the kings lost scepter, crown, etc. There's also special quests that earn you the ability to change the color of your pet. It doesn't starve if you don't play it for days, but you have to care for it while you play. I think it's a good value for the price of 38 or 39 bucks considering you get a free hamster giga with it. And if you don't like it you can always return it with some excuse. I do!
  6. I'm very glad that you're happy with your pixel chix.
  7. What's your Miuchiz story? (nightmare)
  8. Ok, I went out and bought the yellow house yesterday. I have to say that in my opinion, it is a little more fun than the Mall. I hooked it up to my mall and disaster! I lost all the money I had saved up in the Mall working and my inventory!! Oh yeah, I must have less than one hour play time on the mall and the batteries are history! I know I'm taking the mall one back for a refund. I'm not sure if I want to keep the house or not. At the rate this things eats battery juice, my Pixel Chix toy would eat better than me and my cats! But it is soooo cute how she walks up the stairs at bedtime and a little bathroom light goes on and she gargles and pees and then flushes. Too cute! (But...not worth 30 bucks, sorry)I'm a very picky and demanding consumer, but also very discriminating. Hey, I bought my Tama a couple of months ago and have no intention of taking it back for a refund. It's still running on the same battery, the games are still fun, and I never get tired of taking care of it. The bottom line is this: It's adorable, but that's about it. And tooooo expensive. Not a good value for the money in my opinion.
  9. Awww. Sorry to hear that. My parents often didn't let me spend my money how I wanted because they thought I was wasting my money or whatever. Maybe they'll change their minds by Christmas.
  10. Why, thank you! The doughboy is soooo cute. I'd love to have a virtual doughboy! (If they ever made one!) Press a button to push his bellybutton and make him giggle. Press another button to make him cook and eat his own food, too! Play baking games to keep him from burning cookies or something like that. I bet kids would buy that, huh?
  11. I'm kind of wary about virtual toys since the Pixel Chix and Miuchiz disaster. I have a few questions about them: 1) Do you get to play any games with them 2) Do they need to be fed, cleaned up after, etc.. 3) Are they battery hogs? If they have even semi-challenging games, require some looking after and don't chew up and spit out batteries every few days, I may get a set. At least you get two for 20 bucks.
  12. Kewl! Now you both can get all the benefits of each other's toys! Don't forget to make her take a break more than two or three times in a row when she's working so you can see what the boss says!
  13. My report on the Pixel Chix Mall (Hair Salon and Pet Store) The Good: 1) It's 3D in the background, like a cute little doll house 2. You can flip the screen to another scene to either work or shop there. (One has a hair salon and pet shop, the other has a clothing boutique and food court) 3)She interacts with other people and pets (only the pet shop one as far as I know for the pets) 4)She can change her hairstyle if you get her hair done and you don't have to pay each time, you just go to her inventory. 5)There is a game to play with each pet you buy 6)If a customer asks a yes or no question, you can select the X (no) button and she will say something rude like, "yeah, right" or "as if" and the customer goes off looking steamed. Kind of entertaining and funny. 7)If you take too many breaks in a row, you get a visit from the boss (I'll let you see for yourself, don't want to take all the fun away. 8)There are several different games to play, but it's hard to figure out what exactly your'e supposed to be doing on a couple of them. (The instruction booklet is uselss)And most of the games are really too easy for any but the youngest children to be challenged by. If you're older than 7 or eight, you might find the games boring. 9)It IS really cute, I must say. The Bad: 1)The instruction book is completely useless. 2)Figuring out some of the games is puzzling and almost impossible to know what you're supposed to be doing. Very confusing 3)The games are too easy for those who prefer games like the Tamagotchi games. 4)She says "What should we do?" constantly till you want to pull your hair out. You can't mute the game, so other people will get irritated too. 5)As far as I can tell,((I've had the game for three days now)she doesn't seem to need to be cared for. 6)There's no option to feed her!! If she decides to eat when she takes a break that's it. 7)She has four inventory sections: pets, food, clothes, and hair. But if you have the salon/pet store one, you only have access to the pets and hair inventory. I supposed you have to buy the other mall if you want clothes and food. I found this very disappointing. I want something I need to take care of like my Tama. All in all, it's a very cute toy, but considering I'd have to buy the house, the car, or at least another mall to make it fun and get all the benefits, I'm really upset. I expect more for my 34 dollars. I think that's WAY too much money to pay if you're expected to get another mall or at least a house to make it fun. They're expecting you to ultimately pay 65 to just over 100 dollars to get all the benefits. 100 dollars for digital pets/people? That's ridiculous! I'm debating on taking my mall back to the store. If I do, I may try the house, since it at least seems to require you to feed it and play with it to be happy. Not to mention it's 6 dollars less than the mall. Or maybe I'll keep the mall and add on the house and see if that's fun.
  14. Maybe people wouldn't get so mad and would like you better if you were nicer and not so insulting. Or if you're joking about something, say so. That way people know. Like saying "2 d girl in a 3 d world, like, who cares?" is rather rude and can hurt someones feelings. there's a difference between people stating their opinion and being insulting and hurtful. No one wants you to leave. Just be more thoughtful, k?
  15. Can you play games with them like you can Tamas? Or do you more or less just watch them?