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Status Updates posted by TamaTamaTamaPanda

  1. So so so so so so so so so so so so SO mad at Apple!!!!

    1. Owl


      Why? They've always been good to me. What happened?

    2. TamaTamaTamaPanda


      I bought a new app, but then it said that it wasn't compatible with my iPod, even though the store said it was

  2. Sad. The bonfire was cancelled. :(

  3. Wants it to be Friday...... (Harry Potter)

  4. So excited for the new Harry Potter movie!!!!

    1. kewlzies


      Same it comes out tomorrow were I am (:

    2. TamaTamaTamaPanda


      Ooo lucky! I'm just sitting around rereading the books in crazy anticipation...

    3. danan2


      lucky i have to wait until friday to see it

  5. Having my friend get wasted at a slumber party and holding her hair while she pukes is not exactly the most fun...

    1. Owl


      Fun times.. fun times.

  6. Going to a slumber party! Woot Woot! Haha I've been having a A Very Potter Musical run XD

  7. My life flows on in endless song. Above Earth's lamentations. I hear the real though distant song. That hails a new creation.

  8. Of course my sister ruined my me time. Of course.

  9. Ah guilty pleasures coming up. America's Next Top Model and Hellcats. Then a new South Park. Life is goooood.

  10. The crushing loneliness of watching him in the hallway, and knowing that he does not and will never see you

  11. My future husband is my background :)

  12. Sigh. After a day with no Tamas, it's nice to be amongst my own

  13. Looking at a p2, v4.5, TMGC+C, and v4 on ebay. I think that I will ask for the TMGC+C for Hannukah...

    1. TamaTamaTamaPanda


      Haha I want one sooo bad! I don't care if it's in Japanese. I will learn!

    2. PretzelNymph


      hehe from what I've heard it's really easy to figure out.

    3. TamaTamaTamaPanda


      Yeah. It can't be any worse than English

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