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  1. Hi I think they do the only ones that dont evolve at normal is v1
  2. Ok this Is weird, Just the other day after I played some games on my tama. I finished and I left out of the games area. And It was just sitting on the floor with a blank expression on its face. So I left it alone. Then after about 5 minutes it was still just, sitting there I could select every option like feeding and praise. But it was it still sitting there and wasnt moving! Does anyone know anything about this? Is it normal
  3. Well, lots of the poeple acually like this site and he did some very rude and disgusting to his tamagotchi.....
  4. Well you heard the question! Who invented the TAMAGOTCHI???? (sorry If it sounds mental or rude!)
  5. Yes, Thats Quite and idea, But they did make "pause" item
  6. Hi, Im just trying to find out if I can get a list of all these! A V4 growth chart A v4 shop list A v4 charcter list A v4.5 charcter list (if possible) So sorry if this too much to ask! ~lilmissnotri~
  7. Im so sorry but youll havew to mate with another oldie Unfortunatley, they are quite hard to find. Sorry for the bad news :(
  8. I would go to a book shop because they might have them there
  9. Hey...Thats a good idea making it bigger for little kids! I never would of thought of theat!
  10. I have dog but when I play with her I leave it un paused because it always alright And I play with mt tama when I on here because I do all the cheats!!!
  11. Somewhere in this forum someone said that Angelgotchi's don't die because their already dead is that true?
  12. Cool tip but i dont think they have the yellow thing in Austraila
  13. Its in your points already started with 2000 and you went to tamatown and won 7000 when you come back have a chek in your points front and youll have 9000
  14. Does anyone have or happen to know where a chart is?
  15. No it is not werd youset them on different times ok., nothing to worry about
  16. I think some of them are good depending on how you look at them?
  17. these two or or or or epp......sorry I am a match maker!!!!!
  18. Because this rumor I heard Im scared because I dont know what my likes or dislikes does anyone have a list of the likes and dislikes of the food for the tamas that would be really helpful! ~lilmissnorti~