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    At Yankee Stadium admiring field.
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    I don't like mametchi anymore. I like Kuromametchi and Kizatchi better. Hobbies: Baseball, Mike Lupica books, Dan Gutman's Baseball card adventure series, yeah. Eyeshield 21 rocks! Riku Kaitani and Jo Tetsuma from Eyeshield rock most, though!<br>Anyway... My tamas:<br>V3 Tropical Green: BATTERIES DEAD, unactive<br>V3 Blue Bubbles: BATTERIES DEAD, unactive<br>V4 Blue Waves: Alive, active<br>V4.5 World Map: Alive, lost somewhere in the hosue<br>Tama Suku Blue Japanese Model: active! Alive!<br>FamiTama Love my Family(Pink) Japanese model: Alive, Active

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  1. The cheeseburger has ham, cheese, tomatoes, mustard, socks, feet, a tamagotchi, pickles, cookie, poop and a stinky butt
  2. No thank you. And I don't want to PM people..
  3. Nick high fives the dudes on his team. He later has to go home for lunch. (can anyone have their tamas play with Nick?)
  4. Nick dodges the guys trying to steal the ball and scores a goal. "YEAAAH!!" He shouted.
  5. Here's yours, *CjPirate* And luv2dance
  6. 5/10 When life gives you lemons, sing a happy song but then glare at the lemons and throw them at the ground and sing some song sounding as mad as possible while stomping the lemons. Then cry and sing a sad song and bury the lemons in soil, and finally sing a excited song and bump into everyone on your way to get more. Repeat process.
  7. Usually good care makes Mametchi(boy) and Mimitchi(girl). Bad care makes Torakotchi, Gozarutchi, Masktchi that stuff. These days though in v5, The Pure Familes(Mame, Meme, Kutchipa and Violet) are good care families and Petite, Large and Ninja Family are bad.
  8. Lilly shook her head and was even more mad. Ruby was mad and then suddenly pulled a KNIFE out of his pocket!
  9. Nick goes to the park to play soccer with some kids after a good nights sleep.
  10. I would get it, I guess. Then I'd laugh at how fake it is.
  11. I have track: 19 sandwiches 19 juices 5 softdrinks 4 fries 5 fried chicken 3 sushi 2 hamburgers 4 hot dogs 1 set of clothes (Shirt, pants, and shoes) 1 Toilet\toilet paper. Yup. I prepare a good dinner. Nick wakes up and tries on the new clothes and likes them. He goes ahead and eats 1 sushi, 1 hot dog, 2 sandwhiches and drinks a juice. He then goes pee. Now: 17 sandwiches 18 juices 5 softdrinks 4 fries 5 fried chicken 2 sushi 2 hamburgers 3 hot dogs 1 set of clothes (Shirt, pants, and shoes) 1 Toilet\toilet paper. p.s. Could I bring in another tama named Sam, who is going to be a and Nick's bro?
  12. Your welcome. In the meantime... *sees Nick asleep on couch* Wow. He's asleep. I'll buy 5 softdrinks, 4 fries and 5 fried chicken. 3 Sushi and 2 hamburgers. And 4 hot dogs. Oh, and I'll get clothes and a toilet and toilet paper!