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  1. ughhhhhhugghguhughuhuguhughhh I remember you swearing in the forums

  2. You were so nice :( What happened =_=|||

  3. I was wondering if anyone would be up for doing this? Since I finally have an Umino again I'd like to see a group hatch done with these needy little tama's. I figure on starting it on April 1st to give people time to decide if they want to join or not (along with giving me time to get a few more characters on mine =^-^=).
  4. Figure instead of just saying what versions I have now (I've updated my collection some) I'll post pics of them instead =^-^= In order we have Kitsune my Angelgotch, Nemo my Umino, Maple my Morino, Pancake my american P1, Chaos my american P2 and Ryusei my japanese P2.
  5. Second go with Nemo and I've now managed to get Kingyotchi instead of Otototchi =^-^= His animations are so freaking cute!

  6. Well last night nemo left me at the age of 8, don't realy know why the umino and morino die at such young ages but either way he's gone. With that though I felt the hatching urge and a need for a good challenge on my part so right now I have 6 of my working 7 tama's going! pancake the english p1, Ryusei the jap series 1 p2, chaos the english p2, kitsune my angelgotchi, maple my morino and last but not least nemo my umino =^-^=

  7. Looks interesting but I'll just stick to my vintage tama's for now =^-^=
  8. I can finally say that after 2 deaths on my Umino I have managed to get little Nemo to adulthood! I posted a pic of him in the "they grow up so fast" thread over in the ancestor section and also on my tumblr and tamagotchi collectors on facebook for those who haven't seen him yet =^-^= BTW I got Keropyontchi!

  9. Recently (as of yesterday) raised a happy and cute little keropyontchi on my new Umino =^-^=
  10. Only another hour and a half and nemo will have survived his second day being alive... and after him dieing on me twice in a row this is an accomplishment on my part!

  11. Yay! After waiting for 30 days the newest member of my tamagotchi family has finally arrived! At 10:40am I started Nemo my newest Umino Tamagotchi!

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      hes a little cutie! im still running dori baha ^.^ shes going to be turning into an adult also i have the newest umino too UMINO HATCH! baha

    2. webster04


      We should totally do that! So far today though he's taken 7 poops, had 4 disciplines and has been attacked 3 times... and with 2 mimitchi's I'm caring for makes it a fun challenge =^-^=

  12. I am never buying from this ebay seller again, 1 whole week after purchasing my Umino It's finally being prepaired to be shipped O_o? All the other packages I've recieved from japan would have already shipped by now and have been here already. I call BULL @#^*$ ON THIS!!!!!!

    1. Eve_Requiem


      UUUuughhh waiting for mail is the worst, especially when the seller wont ship it... I'm sorry about your order, though. I hope it comes in soon!

    2. furbitchi


      You think that's bad try trading with someone and it's been 4-5 weeks and no package has arrived...

  13. I freaking hate waiting on stuff from over seas... been 3 days since the tracking on my Umino updated and I'm just so freaking impatient that i want it here now.... hmm, how many times will i say this when I've ordered a new tama? probably too many =^-^=

    1. Thurin


      I just ordered a Umnio today !!!!! Cant wait until I get mine and I CANT wait until I get it !!!!

    2. Eve_Requiem
  14. To get Maskitchi you only have to keep the discipline at 50% and take good care (I normally never let mine beep to get the character, this way you have a much better chance at getting the secret character). Lately I've raised Futagoaritchi on my morino (second time having this secret character) and thats about it, I do have Tamatchi on myp1 and Tonmarutchi on my p2 though.
  15. WOOT! I bought myself a clear red Umino this afternoon =^-^= Any suggestions for a name for it?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. oddsandendswithlove
    3. oddsandendswithlove


      ILL NAME MINE dori!

    4. webster04


      lol, oddsandends: then maybe I should name mine nemo xD Is it bad that all I can come up with are disney names? Also could someone post a link to the translated instructions for it? It's kinda been 9 years since I last ran one :P