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  1. when it does a action it can be stopped by pressing a or b i dont know how it died it might of been hungry
  2. when it goes to bed with the baby 4 the second night it goes at 12:00 set the time to 11:59 to watch it die
  3. your tamagotchi dosent need full power what i do is this when they approach and stop a wierd bloobloo noise starts if it goes for a short while you need high power bar when this noise starts keep pressing b if the noise goes after a longer while you need a low power bar
  4. hi im new can i have some help where did you get the picture where it has posts and stuff
  5. whouldnt it be cool if tamagotchis on v2 could loose teeth and get 100p for it?
  6. Tamagotchi's Name: furby Tamagotchi's Age: 4 Date of Birth: 16/05/05 Date of Passing: 20/05/05 What Generation? 9th creature:young mimichi Your Comments: oh furby why did you go now youll never be able to become adult mimichi i looked at you and checked if you were hungry but just died