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  1. I got my tamagotchi gen 2 Mimitchi to 22. That’s a new best for me!
  2. This is my baby boy that was just hatched today! now he has grown into a toddler. My husband says he looks like a giant head of broccoli haha.
  3. I have these two tamagotchis but I am not sure if they are like magic or fantasy. I’m not sure if you can tell by the picture but some help would be appreciated!
  4. I found my old Giga Pet Kitty and it’s 5 years old already! They are so much harder to take care of than tamagotchis!
  5. A little over a month ago I bought a new Tamagotchi P2 at Game Stop. I opened it up and started playing with it immediately. I got Mimitchi and when it turned 17 the battery died! I was very upset. I put in a new battery and started to play. When the character got to 18 the battery died. I can't believe it. I am on my third battery. This time I got a really good battery and I will see if that matters. If anyone has any suggestions or has gone through what I have I would love to hear from you. Also, is there anyway to keep your Tama when you change the battery. Thanks.
  6. Date: November 5, 2018 Log: My Tamagotchi did very well yesterday. He only dropped two hearts once and the rest was perfect care. My Tongmarutchi turned into a Tangaritchi. He got sick one and I healed him. Tangaritchi went to bed at 9:00pm with no poop by his side and full hearts.
  7. I am starting this Tamagotchi log today as I have awaken a brand new Tamagotchi P2, the 20th anniversary special. I will be telling you my experiences and tips on how to take great care of your Tamagotchi. I hope you like this! Date: November 3, 2018 Log: I reset my Tamagotchi and I reset the time to 5:56. He hatched 5 minutes later and I started to care for him. He was very needy. He needed to play and eat every 5 minutes. He eventually took a nap 40 minutes later for 5 minutes. When he woke up he was just as needy. He pooped twice in this stage and I immediately cleaned it up. About 30 minutes later my Shirobabychi turned into a Tongaritchi. He needed food and play when he first changed then he didn't need anything until bed. He fell asleep at 8:00pm and I turned off the lights.
  8. June 13, 2017 Tamagotchi Type: Tamagotchi P Name: Amiamitchi Hungry: 4/4 Happiness: 100% Generation: 27 Weight: 15 g. Age: 3 years old Extra: The food cart came outside and I bought a hamburger at 3:00. Tamagotchi Type: Tama-Go Name: Wooltchi Hungry: 5/5 Happiness: 5/5 Discipline: 7 Bars Weight: 42 g. Age: 3 years old Generation: 10 Friendship: 6/6
  9. Thank you for your help. I have one more question. How do you get skill points?
  10. I am confused at how to get different adults. I keep getting Memetchi. Is growth based on care or other factors? Thank you for your help.
  11. Name: Sonny Type: Aokumotchi Generation: 26 Age: 0 Years Old Weight: 13 grams Hunger: 4/4 Happiness: 100% What he ate: Nori Rice Special: As a baby he got sick twice and was instantly healed. He took a nap for 10 minutes. He was the son of Spacytchi. Sonny evolved into Turtletchi and went to bed at 7:00pm.
  12. Type: Tamagotchi Kind: Mimitchi Age: 13 Weight: 32lb Hunger: 4/4 Happiness: 4/4 Special: Mimitchi is doing very well. I am keeping up with taking care of him. He did not get sick today. I was a little worried when he got sick the other day. Another happy day in the Tamagotchi World.
  13. This is my Classic Tamagotchi Log. Welcome and enjoy! Type: Tamagotchi Kind: Mimitchi Age: 11 Weight: 32lb Hunger: 4/4 Happiness: 4/4 Special: Mimitchi is very healthy and I hope him to last until old age. He got sick in the evening but I cured him immediately.
  14. Type: Tamagotchi 4U+ Kind: Nyokinyotchi Age: 1 Weight: 5 grams Hunger: 6/6 Happiness: 100% Type: Tamagotchi P Kind: Pekopekotchi Age: 4 Weight: 20 grams Personality: Gourmet Meals: Fairy Mushrooms, Fairy Bread, Soup, Curry, Steak and a Birthday Meal. Treats: N/A