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  1. Well it was a 9/10 chance, not 10/10. Thanks, this will really help me and my friends out!
  2. Wow sorry about the l8 update, but Kyo turned into a ringotchi yesterday!!! not exactly happy because I've had a ringotchi HOW MANY TIMES IN A ROW?!?! sorry 'bout the outburst. I'm getting tired of this guy... Well Maggi evolved too ^^ she evolved in to a...young mimitchi!!!(or is it mametchi?) it's the skinny one. Starting to get jealous of my friends tama...lol...I just gave it a time-out for wanting attention when it didn't need it...but nothing's happenin so far so here r the stats: Kyo Maggi -------- --------- Hungry:4 Hungry:4 Happy:4 Happy:4 Training: 5/9 Training: 5/9 Age:2 Age:2 Weight: 40 Weight: 89 Gender: Boy Gender: Girl Gen.: 1 Gen.: 1
  3. sorry I'm a little late...but my tamagotchi baby evolved into a marutchi(that's Kyo)! not exactly the best character, but I'll always love no matter what it turns into. My friend's evolved into a hitodetchi, and is very cute(that's Maggi). Both are. Nothing much is happening so ya. -T.R.352
  4. Okay hi this is my first tama-log. My last tama died (sob!) but I will take care of this one. I am tama-sitting my friends tama and they r both babies. Mine is a boy and is named Kyo (from the book Fruits Basket) and my friends one is named Maggi(that's my friends name). nothing to report, but thhey're just blobbing around doing their normal stuff. I will post more l8er on!! ^^ -T.R.352
  5. That's kind of mean a lot of people are just learning how to use tamagotchis! anyways, like tamatama02 said, yes, u have to be an adult to use the items. The hair gel,stuffed animal, and love potion are one-time use. Hope I helped!! ^^ ~T.R.352~
  6. When I was babysitting a friends i used the lamp and it turned her toddler into an oldie jumping around really madly then it lost all of its hunger and happy hearts then turned normal. then it gave me blocks the second time
  7. Did u restart and download it alot? Becuz once I've had a furwatchi that stayed 5 years old for 3 days! And I kept restarting and downloading it! but sooner or later my battery ran out. but that was a while ago.
  8. same with me! I like adults becuz u can use more items too! I also like them because I get to play slot
  9. Eww, that's gross. And strangely I want to try it! lol, and by the way I'm a GIRL! lol, okay. -TR352
  10. Is it an adult? If it is, it may be a television. Sometimes my tama likes watching t.v. too!
  11. Yeah, just like kutchipatchiluver said. you don't have to pause it during the night. and if you have waited 24 hours, it's kinda sad and nice to see the parent leave. but I won't give away too much. -tamarox
  12. Ya I've heard about it too! I have a dark blue nintendo DS...maybe I should get it when it comes out! (i better start saving my money) lol
  13. You could also connect A LOT and make them come to each others places until they're happy faces are alot and then use the love potion(honey) on one of them. The tamagotchi that you DIDN'T use the potion on has to come to the tamagotchi's place that drank the potion. Then they might mate. I hope this helps you. -Tamarox352
  14. ouch...I just started mine up again...have you tried checking the batteries?
  15. well yeah, cuz one time my friend tried fixing the time to all the times but it didn't work. she got really mad. so this probably will help some people so that the know that some tamagotchis get the matchmaker at diff times