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  1. GOOD! that's better than good it's terrific take perfect care and it could turn into mametchi, the #2 best character in the tama universe!
  2. I'm sorry but please dont say that a tama is dead some younger people on the board might not enjoy and it just isn't nice to say it and it;s also incorrect it is accualy flying away to it's home planet.Sorry if i sounded mean im just saying.
  3. Its supposed to do that, it pooped too much and got sick, you didnt know it was and it died from sickness! *Post edited by GK1 - please watch what you call people, that was rather uncalled for*
  4. Tamagotchi's Name: Coral Tamagotchi's Age: 22 Date of Birth: ??? Date of Passing: just now What Generation? 8 Your Comments: It was to sad yeah i know but my other one was V2 and now my V3 is dead why why why!? i loved you to much to watch the horrifying moment me poor tama died. i remember you pooped then died! this will be how i remembr the times we spent together im never gonna forget that time we tried to shove 30 ballons in the car. T^T
  5. Tamagotchi's Name: Brand Tamagotchi's Age: 17 Date of Birth: cant remember Date of Passing: yesterday What Generation? 4 Your Comments: Why did you leave me? I miss you brand! Oh well i can leave a picture for everyone, at least.
  6. hello and the V4 I know it will happen it just needs time, maybe alot of time but its going to come out i just know it!
  7. Ok i was playing with my newly evolved mimitchi, then my tama evolved but it looked the same it did this three times in a row then it stopped! Pleaze help me!