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  1. isent that a fake pakeging next to the pc pack?!
  2. also... doctor with specs, saten pit playset with doctor in space siute, daleks in manhatten gift set, flight control TARDIS, possed toby, granma with removable face and the wire, judoon and martha.
  3. yhea, i was about to purchase but they were v 4's!
  4. be warned! agos metion in the catolog that there tamas are 4.5's but there atululy 4'S!
  5. jamesk79


    and there rasing a charity to say that fake tamas are better then the real ones!
  6. jamesk79


    there beheind all the fake tamas!
  7. Try launching misiles from the great fox
  8. a tearoom? a loo? a tiket office? longer platforms? yhea that could do!
  9. thats amazing! we could put a tea room on to dunbrige's platform!
  10. dunbrige and dean railway stations in hampshire are losing so mucth facilities that there gonna face cloushire what am i gonna do?!