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  1. ok, i just don't manage to Quote, whatever i try, so without quoting^^: obviously it's not necessary to get all 4 happy Stickers nor to be a Girl to unlock tama Snacks, cause i have a Boy with 2 Stickers and tama Snacks, but i never was able to Access tama meal, not even after 4 Stickers and marriage
  2. what to do when i get this alert ? i tried hitting the 4th and/or 5th Icon below, i tried playing a game or using a toy, but nothing worked ... ? :S
  3. a twin dances around with ur tama a few seconds
  4. they both have 2 b adult 4 at least 24h unpaused
  5. 48h unpaused from becoming a teen 121h in total
  6. off course there r charas u get from good, and others u get from bad care
  7. re-setting time, u can make her come as often u like^^
  8. did u press a (to choose) and/or b (to accept) a job ?
  9. download it löl, i hope it stopped meanwhile^^
  10. she comes 2 boys, too, off course and she comes after 72h being adult when next of her times is reached
  11. no matter how old, r they both adults 4 sure ?