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  1. I don't know what to believe. I'm undecided. *~Tamagotchi~*
  2. Kente tes te lu nos mache te nes ke lus to. Kenste eh ce te! *~Tamagotchi~*
  3. Here we System of a Down fans (including me) can chat about System of a Down such as the latest news, favorite songs, hottest/ugliest band member, etc... My favorite songs are all songs on Hypnotize and Mezmorize album plus Toxicity and Chop Suey. I have a HUGE crush on Daron Malakian! The hot guitarist! He has such a cute voice when he sings! Especially at the end of the song "She's Like Heroin" when he sings the last verse: "She's like heroin, sipping through a little glass. I'm looking for some help I need someone to save my a**" (sorry but that'show the song is) Daron is SO hot! If you don't know what he looks like, go to www.google.com and click images then type "Daron Malakian" in the search box. He's hot! Way hotter than Chris Brown! Chris Brown aint nothing compared to Daron. What's your favorite songs? Do you have a crush on Daron? (hope not, he's mine!) *~Tamagotchi~*
  4. That's like me but I want to get a bit fatter. I'm 14 and weigh 78 LB. I got it from my mom (she's a bit fat now, not that much). Anyways I really want to get fatter. I each a TON! I bet some people wish they were like me because I eat tons of food and am hungry all the time. I eat a lot too but I never gain more than 5 LB. Plus I'm athetic so whatever I gain I loose. *~Tamagotchi~*
  5. Ok I started a new genoration (genoration 3) on my V2 and when I started, she was 1! 1 and a babytchi! Now she evolved into a toddler and is 2! What's wrong! Is she going to evolve into a teen at 3 and into an adult at 6 and have the matchmaker at 9? Please help! *~Tamagotchi~*
  6. It's a tamagotchis heartbeat, Once I was in my room and it was quiet. I heard beeps and I could't figure it out until I remembered tamagotchis had a heart beat. Hope I helped! *~Tamagotchi~*
  7. My V4 (his name is Josh) is currently a Hinotamatchi. The characters in V4 are the same as the first 3 versions (some of them). But the sleep times are diffrent. You know in V1, V2, and V3 Hinotamatchis wake up at 10:00am right? Well in the V4 they wake up at 9:00am. V4 is going to be very diffrent. My V3's battery is dead but it's a Tamatchi girl named Calli. She is 2 days behind. When the battery died she was 1. *~Tamagotchi~*
  8. Cool! I ordered that design 8 days ago on Toysrus.com. I'm on the 2nd genoration of the V4. V4's rock! I went to Wal-Mart a few days ago and found like 5 or 6 V4's. I went to another Wal-Mart and found that they were selling V4's too, but there was only 1 left. Glad I got mine. You're pretty lucky because people in the U.S aren't looking for them in stores because they're supposed to not sell them until January 7, 2007. When they find out that they're for sale, the V4's will be out of stock for a month! *~Tamagotchi~*
  9. I have: 2 version 1 Tamagotchis 1 version 2 Tamagotchi 1 versioon 3 Tamagotchi 1 version 4 Tamagotchi 1 original Nano Kitty 2 Nintendogs DS games 1 Hamsterz Life game 1 iDOG (I consider it a virtual pet because you "feed" it your music) I am going to collect 1 of each kind of Tamagotchi ever made. Including the rare ones like Sanagotchi and Devilgotchi. *~Tamagotchi~*
  10. I LOVE gir!!! I have a lot of Gir stuff! A few Gir shirts, a Gir doornob cover, and a Gir lightswitch cover. I TOTTALY want the Gir keychains, purse, throw blanket, slippers, candy perfume, paper, earings, and anything else!!! GIR ROCKS MY WORLD! *~Tamagotchi~*
  11. Hey I saw a mistake! Oyajitchi isn't an old timer. Sure he is made by mating 2 old timers but he isn't an old timers. He's a secret character. *~Tamagotchi~*
  12. I don't care about fasion. I wear what I like. I like bagging pants, bands shirts, and stuff from Hot Topic. I definatly DO NOT like pink. I wear Vans and Converse shoes. I have 2 pairs of high top converses. The plain kind (black and white) and the solid black kind. The first pair is a pair of low cuts. They are black and pink (the closests I could get to black and white). I have a pair of vans slip ons and vans tennis shoes. *~Tamagotchi~*
  13. I heard of somebody who had a black cat. They let the cat out as they usually do. After a couple of hours they were starting to get worried so they grabbed a flashlight and went around the neighborhood looking. They looked for half an hour before they gave up. When they came back they saw something in their front yard. They ran over to it and it was their cat. Only it's head was missing. They flashed the light around the cat and found the head, lying next to the cat. That was a true story because I heard it on the news. It's sad that people are cruel to animals. If I ever see somebody hurting an animal (especially a cat!!!), I would get a gun and shoot them in the leg. And if I could, I would save the animal they were hurting and then I would turn the person who hurt the animal into the police. *~Tamagotchi~*
  14. Hey you forgot something. The unlockables are diffrent for every version (Dalmation, Chihuahua, Lab, and Dachsand). The Required TP for breeds is diffrent for each version because some breeds are default breeds in one version and aren't in another version. *~Tamagotchi~*
  15. I have both those breeds. In fact, I have all 20 breeds unlocked. But I heard that there is a secret breed. I think it was called the Akita (or something like that). I heard that if you reach the Maximun TP, you get that breed unlocked. One of my friends said it happened to her friend. I'm not sure if it's true but I'm going to see if it is true. I have currently 66,248 TP and 2 puppies. Odin- Odin was my very first Nintendog ever. I got him December 25, 2005. He is 1 year and 5 days old. He's a German Shepherd Dog and I love him very much. Since tomorrow is New Year's Eve, he is wearing the New Year Tiara (not very ideal for a boy puppy, but he's cute) Lassie- Lassie was my second Nintendog. I got her 1 week after Odin. I thought Odin might have been lonely so I bought him a puppy to play with. Now Odin and Lassie are best friends. They cuddle up together, they play together, they sleep together, they love each other. Lassie's birthday is January 1, 2006. Her 1 year birthday is in 2 days. She is also wearing the New Year Tiara. *~Tamagotchi~*