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    As a mother of 5 and qualified mechanical engineer, I have always had a great love of all things gadgety, toys and computers lol<br><br>I had my first Tama nearly 10 years ago and enjoying my 2 V3s now very much.<br>Ten years on, Tamas are much more entertaining and now all this interaction both between tamas themselves and the internet makes the whole experience so much better.<br><br>There are so many varitities of tamas now too, I hope to start collecting!!<br><br>Love the Tama log idea, I started mine on blogagotchi and really hope to carry it on for a long time.

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  1. it's point system is variable , weight and donations are contributionary, the lower your weight on the win higher the points, high weight more likely to win but lower points. The more points donated to king, the higher the scoring. I have deducted this information by my own means and believe it to be true , apologies all round if i am incorrect. hope i helped buffy x
  2. Hee hee this is true I think dr.tams link ie default character is the only way, otherwise we would know by now, surely? I fed leaftchi (the character I really did end up with with no snacks) a snack after evolving, wondering if this was were it may evolve again into Nazotchi, it didn't sadly. I wonder if ...... I hadn't given it a snack after adult hood, not mated it, instead of old timer would it become Nazotchi? Why do so many people say 'no snacks' if there is no truth in it whatsoever? Sometimes my determination and experimenting personality drives me mad I will try the above but not so soon after struggling with Nazo, it is real hard not to give snacks. Ty TamaMum better late that never appriciate your comments Buffy x
  3. If you do not find a partner or rufuse the matchmaker, your tama will grow older, with good care it'll become an old timer. A wrinkley looking character lol I believe this happens at around 14. Never done it myself I have always mated
  4. I don't think she died, she moved to tamatown and left you to raise her baby you can visit her if you get the password under the book icon, scroll through to parent then flick through info using B button, you'll get a password, write it down. Visit tamatown one of the toadstall like houses to the lower left will say parents click on it enter the password and there she will be !!!!!! Hope this is what you meant and that she didn't die Buffy x
  5. Fed it snacks now, thought it may evolve again, but nahhh , maybe dr.tams' link, is the only way to get nazotchi, it basicly said that if you connect to a tama with a character unknown to your tama it uses nazotchi by default.
  6. Nazo never had a snack not once!! which was hard, today he evolved into an adult, not a nazotchi unfortunatly but a very cute Leafitchi!!! here he is, brushing his teeth.
  7. Sorry I don't know what location you are in I believe all of the above if you are not UK if you are UK then woolworths or amazon are the best place's to go, in my opinion (these places offer genuine Bandai products, don't buy from £1 shops or market stalls!! be sure you have a Bandai logo on pack, these cheap copies, sure you know as a parent, are badly adapted and break frequently, are not compatable with official merchandise ect ect not worth it!), I have had to buy tamagotchis' for 3 of my children lol Not for me *ahem* Buffy x
  8. He/She did say that, still wrong topic though.
  9. Are you sure you used A button to flick through? only, pressing B button will flick through stats for last parent. I did this exact thing myself before I realised. Thats probably just silly me and you got a glitch!
  10. Aww very cute! probably under the wrong topic though
  11. When your tama has reached the adult stage it'll be able to use the items. Images under 'souviner' are not usable. This will work, it's a knack, press A once then 3 times quickly to see him looked shocked, then type in code. It took me a few tries each time to get it right. Hope this helps
  12. Please check FAQ here Putting tama on pause even if it was a couple of days ago, will interupt with the growth proccess. Hope this helped
  13. Erm still? how does this keep going round? Old topic bumped!! EDIT: Sorry but 12 days old doesn't really make a topic old....its not really been bumped. GK1 Granted sorry Gk1 x It's gonna of died or been found by now though!! Hopefully the link will just die quietly , as long as people don't 'yo' in it It would be cool if the starter posted the outcome of the tama though!
  14. No need for the extended waaaa....... ect lol When you replaced the battery you was asked to download, this was from the last major point. I guess training doesn't count as major, I wouldn't worry, you get plenty of training chances. Even when fully trained I still have to time out or train occasionaly. Even so it's not that important because you want a variety of characters! Hope I helped Buffy x
  15. I said rarely because it's usualy an old bumped up topic, if not it'll be a subject that any one who has read the rules and has common sence wouldn't of posted!! Outright rudeness or cusing I imagine would be deleted all together. But I did say rarely not never so I guess sometimes if it's the only new post, there's that little voice over my sholder and I read it.