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  1. Maybe, but it says the max charaters are 500 on the page.
  2. Today I tried to change my siggy, I erased most of the things there to make it less than 500 charaters. I soon got it to 496 charaters (according to the Check Sighature status), and was done. I pressed the post signature button and it said my signature was to big, what happened? O_o
  3. Sorry, I just found out Korotchi is the new name for Furawatchi. ^^; *Thinks about that for a moment...* WHAT!?!?!? THAT WAS A GREAT NAME WHY DID THEY CHANGE IT?????
  4. I was going on the Bandai tamagotchi site, when I noteied that the poll changed. So I read it. THE FIRST CHOICE WAS SOMETHING CALLED KOROTCHI!!! O_O WHAT'S A KOROTCHI??? P.S. The Tamagotchi DS is really called Tamagotchi Corner shop and is coming out this December!
  5. I was on my 50th gen I got a nyrotchi. 51th Kusatchi. 52th Nyrotchi... You get the picture....then they got so hard to take care of on my 60th gen my kusatchi died... ;_; Now on my first gen I HAVE THAT NYROTCHI AGAIN!!!!! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!!!! Sorry, Nyrotchi/kusatchi lovers it's just driving me crazy...... P.S. If I take good care I aways end up with debatchi....so....;_;
  6. That happened to me too.
  7. ...OMG...O_O...You got oyajitchi....maybe....and that would be a problem...play lots of games and don't feed it treats and sooner or later it will leave and have a baby.... P.S. I like you avvie. ^^
  8. Sorry, I can only get it on my V1.
  9. To get pochitchi the dog you must, get Young Mametchi and take avarange care of it!
  10. Anyone else? We're trying to make it professional!
  11. Are you going to post there? You haven't yet!
  12. Here. I'm a Mod there...
  13. I could make you one...if I knew how to get it on my Tamatalk photos...
  14. Did you get it off e-bay? If it was used then somone must of debugged it. O.O If not then tamagotchi is a secret charater on the V2... O.O