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    Last time I came on the website I was about 11... now I'm 15. =D

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  1. Just wondering if there's anyone still around from a few years back. I used to come online a lot then and had some friends on here that it would be great to catch up with. I know that I, and a lot of other people, tended to expand to all the other tamagotchi websites that we all set up. I know at one stage I was a member at about 30 forums that were managed by members I knew. So if anyone's still here from around then let me know! Even if you don't have a clue who I am, I might remember you! Wow, I remember all these smilies! Ahh, the pink bear . Lolness. =P Love from TG05
  2. Theres this really great website called TamaIslands, i just can't get it out of my head! Its so great I can't stop going on it! Can someone give me any tips of how to get it out of my head? Its just so addictive I can't stop going on it! I love it so much I've devoted my whole signiture towards it. So please help me! I doesn't help that there are so many promotion oppertunities that it makes my head spin from all of the great options! Please help me! Thank-you!
  3. I wound say it fainted, but was probably knocked out, then regained consiousness, then it saw you and probably thought you were a threat and tried to fly away. He probably hit the window with suck force becuase being as he could see inside, he probably thought he could get inside aswell... Well they're my ideas!
  4. Well if you want to dump 'N' as a friend, then do it. But it should be becuase you think you should be able to hang around with other people, not becuase your other group of friends think that you should. Don't give in to Peer Pressure.
  5. Hi This did happen to me when my Tama died of old age. Was your tama an elder?
  6. Err... Well then why did you say that you were??? Its not very funny, people were concerned for you and you were just making up a story??
  7. Girls: Alice Lisa Jan Soph Katie Nicki Kat Mandy Fiona Loz Jess Jo Beth Boys names: Jack Tom Dave Max Sam Josh Adam Mark Erol Luke Ben Tony Unisex names: Tama Sam Jo(e) Hope this is helpful!
  8. Wow! Thats really unusual... there arn't really that many fires in Schools, well its never happened in my town anyway. I hope all the dange is fixed. i bet it was pretty strange having your school in flames...
  9. Oooo!! I love wii's, my friend has one. Theyre so fun! Sorry, I guess I'm not helping! Sorry about your borther though, he sounds like a pain in the bum!
  10. Maybe some people have read your question but dont know the answer to it. Just be patient and someone should know the answer...
  11. Happy Birthday!! I'm going to be a teen in may and already have 2 tings on my list: A Nintendo Wii A Nintendo DS Lite Pink But I'm sure there will be more on my list soon!! Hope you have/had a great Birthday!!
  12. I really love animals, there so cute! But at the end of the day its a way of life for animals to kill other animals for food. Its just part of the food chain.
  13. Thats great!! Is it your first baby?? If so then you can finally get onto Generation 2 then 3 and so on. Good luck with your new baby Tama!
  14. I got my first phone when I was 8 and a half. But my sister got her first one when she was 5. She didn't know how to use it though, she just played games. But now shes 6 she can use it properly, sending texts etc.
  15. Sorry never heard of them... What genre are they??