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  1. i have a pet rabbit and somtimes i think i am a bad rabbit owener. he lives in a dirty hutch in my yard that i try to clean as much as possible but its hard to keep up with. i feed him every day his regualr food and occasionally treats. i cant play with him much because he wont let me pic him up., when i DO play with him he will just hop into his carrying cage and i bring him into his playpin. and he will hop around and lick me and play with me but i cant pick him up. his nails havnt been trimmed in a wile and i wish he woud have a better owener to take care of him! i dont know what to do! i think the main problem is that i cant play with him a lot but i deffinatley do NOT want to give him away cuz i love him wat should i do to be a better owner???
  2. i wear a thin line of black eye liner(the generic kind), lash blast, black mascara, powder foundtion a wee bit of brown eye shadow and a cover-up stick to cover up the circles under my eyes
  3. yea usually people in the USA showed once aday (and some people in france only shower once every couple of days) but personally i like to shower twice on weekends cuz im adicted to water xD.
  4. i woulnt say i have ad a CRUSH on a cartoon but ive wished that real life guys were like that cartoon carecter
  5. i know i always come here for my really wierd problems(sorry), and "suprise suprise" heres another one : i have a pet bunny that i got from my bunny-breeding neighbor's daughter (my friend)and he wont eat his healthy food. i usually buy him the small bunny mixes with pellets and other treats until my neibor got me this giant bag of bunny food that she said is alot healtheir for him. so i used it but now he wont eat it. if i mix treats into it, he will pick them out and only eat those. im worried cuz he acts like hes starved and beggs for treats. also, he needs more exercise but his playpin isnt much bigger than his cage. i want to bunny proof my room and let him run around in there but my parents wont let me cuz they dont believe me when i tell them hes house trianed
  6. ok heres a lot of stupid things i did, read them all im sure u'll get a kick out of my wierd-ness: *my friend and i had ketchup and mustard wars today. i was ketchup and she was mustard. we went the the food court at target and took all of their ketchup and musturd packets then we first tried to see wich one would shoot the farthest when we steped on it. then we wrote our names on the street with it, then we sprayed each other with it ^.^ * my friend and i went down the escalator at the mall and threw out hands up, screaming like we were on a roller coaster,anoying every one else on it *the elivator in the mall is see-through so my friend and i went on it and posed like super-modles for all the people that could see us on the other side *this cute guy talked to me and said "hey, wats up?" and i replied "psh-la-urm-uh-bll-pfa-cha-chaa-umm-yea" then then i was all like "oh, umm, sorry, those werent really words were they?" xDD *i was walking by this cute guy and i wlaked into a wall wile he kept walking. THEN after i recoverd myself, i stepped into a pot and fell head first. so i was layig there with a bruise on my head anda a pot on my foot cuz i was trying to impress a guy >.> * i startd to day dream in what i THOUGHT was math class, then i heard the teacher say "what would be the answer to that one, Ray?" and i snapped up and i was all like "oh, umm, ummm, 7?" it turns out it was history class >.<
  7. latley ive had these dreams of commiting suicide. last night i had one were i was in my room by my big window, in my pj's. i looked out the window and the idea of just jumping seemed so attractive. the clouds seemd fluffy, the air seemed fresh, and the floor underneath looked beutiful to me for some reason. i put on this evil smile , took off my shoes, took 2 steps back and leaped forward through the glass. then i woke up screaming. ive had other dreams like this were killing my self seemd ...exiting, like i NEEDED that rush of adrenelin and the "me" in my dreams is all "bad girl-emo" wile the real me is sweet and nerdy. i dont know why i have these dreams, and im really scared. im not depressed or anyting, infact i think of my self as one te the happiest girls alive! i love my life and i dont know why i dream of ending it. is something wrong with me???
  8. hmm, im not sure what to say about this one. i dont suport their choice to do that at such a young age. and the boy seems alot youger than they say he is and i dont think he shold have had a 15-year-old girlfriend (who, by the way, probubly pressured him to do wat he did) but on the other hand, im not going to say they are "discusting" and such. i believe that its ok to have sex if your inlove. i DONT believe u should hav sex if you dont even know what it is! i feel bad for them a little bit because they have no clue wats ahead of them and they jumped into this too fast. not to mention that their relatinship probubl wont last and there will be all of the alimony and stuff. the boy seems very sweet and inocent though. im on both sides.
  9. ok when i want to tell my parents about anything that might even seem "PG13"-ish i plan to sya it at first but then i ckiken out and say something else. Mostly about boys. One time after i came home from a dance my mom asked me playing-ly if i dance with any guys and i said no, even though i did. what i WANTED to say was "yes i did! and it was amazing i loved it!" but what i said was "nope, just with some friends" Also, she asked me if anything intresting happend, what i wanted to say was "yea 3 guys asked me out tonight" and what i said was "nope" . my older brother (the favorite) is always talking about the girls he thinks are cute or the girls who asked him the the staty halking dance and i wish i could be that comfertable with them. but im not. i havnt creid infront of them in 5 years! also i cant tell my friends when they say something that bugs me. i cant even argue with them! i seriosly have never once gotten in a realt fight or arguement with a friend. i always act like im happy and fine when im not and i cant cry infront of anyone (ANYONE) i need help cuz i know if i keep it all in it will overflow someday
  10. tomorw will be the most depresing valentines day ive ever had. i will be at the rain.. without a boyfriend! ive had a few boys ask me to be their valentine but i dont like them and i said no(nicley). i asked my firends to go to the mall with me todistract me from my pathetic-ness but they are all spending the day with their boyfriends. so im spending it alone and i need tips on how to stay un-depressed cuz pretty much the only company i will have tomorw is my pet bunny
  11. ok i have a very small room, prububy half the size of the room of the person reading this. My room is colorful, clutterd,messy, and EXTREMLEY dorky. i havnt changed it since i was little and i NEVER spend time in there cuz i HATE it. my bed is small too, half the size of most beds. its like my room was built for migets! I have a really funy colored room and bed but EXTREMLEY old-timey furniture (i got them from my grandma) so it looks wierd. I need ideas for a room makeover! i want it to look bigger and more sofisticated but im afraid to ask my parents to dig too deep in their wallets for me because i no they WOULD spend all there money on me but thats why i never ask them for stuff, because id feel guilty. so basicly i need my room to look simple, sofisticated, big, and it cant be too expensive. any ideas?
  12. i used to hear a lot of wierd perdictions, 1999 the wolrd would end in firey meteors, 2000 the world would stop turning, 2005 the technoligy would turn on us and destroy the world (im not kedding ppl actually belived it) and now suposivly 2012...well i dont even know what u guys are predicting now. what im trying to say is, stop worrying, stop listening to those predictions. it may be righ, it may be wrong and some people are in panic mode because they dont know the answer. regardless of what those predictions are telling you ,you just have to live your life to the fullest because, truley you COULD die any day at eny moent so u need to make use of the time u have cuz life is a gift
  13. i dont have any breeders or rescue places or anything like that around me ;( but thanks for ur help i apreciete it
  14. yea i have another problem, my dad said i could get one if i think i can handle it bur i feel really bad cuz he doesnt like(hes afraid of) rats and i wanted to prove to him that rats are cute and love-able so i took him to the pet store and right as we got to the rat cages, two rats started fighting and my dad nearly screamed. it was actually kinda funny to see his reaction but still! if i get a rat i dont want him to hate it so how can i convince him that rats are cool?
  15. ok, i have a problem! i love animals and i want to get a rat, i recently had a bunny and a hamster but my hamster died of old age, wich made me sad. so i did some research of rats and they are aperently great pets! i didnt hear too many bad things about them. ive heard that u arnt suposed to get animals from petco because they can be sick or mean but i got my hamster there and he was the coolest hamster in the world he was really playful and he never bit anyone! getting a rat at petco would be the most convienent because there are no breeders around me but do u think i should? the petco by my house is really nice and the rats apear healthy but im not sure, what do u think? P.S. is petsmart any better than petco?
  16. the ride at dysneyland "its a small world"!!!!
  17. if i could only wear one item of makeup, it would be eyeliner. i ALWAYS wear it (im sad to say i feel so ugly without it) i dont like the fact that i cant feel confident without makeup but its true so i try to wear as little as possible (never have racoon eyes!!) its hard to eplain but on you bottom eyelid there is a little smooth panel thats is close to th eye and right behind the bottom eyelashes, thats wear i put my eyelinerand in makes a thin-looking line that look good but not like your trying too hard i also wear foundaition and i wear minaral foundation because it works REALLY well and it looks REALLY natrual, u cant even tell that ur wearing makeup!
  18. my friend's parents are devorced and her mom is an alcohalic, she was drunk last night and she started talking about how she wished her ex husband was dead and how hes a "good-for-nothing looser" and my friend got really mad cuz she loves her dad so she told her mom to stop saying that and her mom hit her in the head, wile drinking out of the bottle. One time when my friend was little, her mom came home drunk and slammed her into the side of the wall. anyway, last night my friend actually called her grandma to pick her up from her mom's hous cuz she was afraid of her mom and she sat on the side of the curb, crying until her grandma came. im REALLY worried about her, i dont know what to do! she said her grandma made her mom go to get help but still, its not right! when she was telling me this she acted like it was no big deal and like she thought that every one had to live like that!
  19. wow, you people are the first peopl ive ever heard say they didnt like it! i personally liked it. you should read it if u like: ~romance ~drama ~si-fi ~ guys who are all too perfect ~guys who talk with big words i dont understand
  20. has anyone read the twilight series? your thouhts on the book?
  21. my friends bunny is pregnat and yesterday we had a bunny baby shower! xD yeah we were really bored! our neibor is a bunny breeder (witch is were we got out bunnies) and she let us have the shower there, she had a HUGE trampoliene in her back yard so we took out all of our favorite bunnies from her house and put them on the trampoliene and we took my bunny and the pregnat one on the trampoliene too adn we partied!! (but we didnt bounce of corse!) it was suprizingly fun! xD
  22. congradulations on the baby!! ^.^ i always wanted a bird im sure he/she will be a great addition to the family
  23. i think my hamster is having a heat stroke, what do i do?!