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  1. Random fact about me: I think sleep and summer are the two best things in the world, I deeply enjoy both.
  2. 2/10 Really Hate that song rate<.... bad day daniel powter (kinda old, I know)
  3. Ok, so you ask a question WYR between 2 choices. Then the person below answers, and asks a new WYR question, which will be answered by the person below them who asks a new question....and so on. No repeat questions, and you have to choose! It's really fun! I will start: WYR not shower for a month, or not brush your teeth for a month?¿ thanks lol( lots of love) BEB
  4. Minnesota! ( land of 10,000 lakes!) actually we have more than that, well I guess it depends what you consider a lake.
  5. Really? Cool, so bass is just like the first 4 strings of guitar, right? I would really like to see one up close, and hear it to(duh!) Hope you start lessons soon! Keep rockin on everybody!
  6. OMG! i hope you have fun at your recital! That's so cool, you can convert to piano! I know my fingers will grow hard skin. and i can't wait! It will be easier on my fingers then. You know what? I went to my lesson this morning, and i saw Hannah there! I met her the begging of the schoolyear and we are friends know! I saw her at my music school, and i figured out she has the same teacher i do, and she has been playing for like 3 years!
  7. HELP!?!?!?!?!? What happened to my topic i made yesterday¿? The one about guitar....I cant find it, what HAPPENED? I searched it and it didnt come up, seriously i know i posted it and even someone replied.... SO WHAT HAPPENED¿ please tell me!
  8. Or i would like to be colbie callot or whatever, cause she can play guitar really well, and she's awesome!
  9. Trilby, you know what they say, if you have a dream, dont sit on your butt, GO GET IT! Why can't you start taking lessons? It would be cool to play the electric guitar! You really should do it! And thank you,i always love encouragement i appreciate that.
  10. So, I started guitar about 2 months ago. I am sorta mad at myself( by now you should know with my life, its easy to get mad/frustrated) because i wanted to start earlier. It hurts my fingers but i dont care, i REALLY want to get good. I want to be able to play songs i like, but its going to be a while. I want to know if you play, and if so how long AND what are your opinions. Or just what you think about guitar. Do you want to play? Come on, let it out, and POST!
  11. Well, this didn't happen to me, but it was HILARIOUS! so this random kid fell during the mile run, it was at the beginning and he triped. He just fell over a little pebble and did a face plant into the grass! His face was all red and grassy, and i laughed so hard, but my friend put her hand over my mouth! I wasnt tryign to mean, but i think falling is one of the funniest things in the world