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  1. Mine never come out of there house NEVER And Im the freak neighbor because my house is loud. My Grandma can't hear well so we have to talk loud. My uncle is always screaming My mom and dad yell and so do I. Andd my dog barks woohoo
  2. The 'Populars' in my school My mom And children
  3. I got 1 A, a bunch of Bs, and two Cs
  4. I have those XD I got them from Target a long time ago They are Neon: Pink Yellow Blue Orange And Green
  5. There is a specific rock in my front yard that has several salamanders under it Oh and squirrels do NOT like me
  6. No but my Uncle Robby lives near the desert area and said hes seen at least 3 In his 14 years of living there.
  7. I hate when some particular people copy my homework but I copy there homework Yeah i am horrible
  8. Whenever I get a detention its a "lunch detention." Its when you sit in a room and eat you lunch in silence*woohoo.* But I only had it for the week because the people in my class where being morons wile we had a sub.
  9. I want to see if anyone else constantly looks at the clock at 9:11am/pm. Well I do, every night! When I put on my pajamas I look at the clock its 9:11pm! No less its the date of the tragic attack of the twin towers. I even asked my parents.My dad said that he doesn't look at the clock at that time but my mom said when she wakes up every morning and looks at the clock its always 9:11am. Not 9:10 or 9:12 but 9:11 o'clock. Dose this happen to you because I thought it was pretty weird although it could be just a coincidence
  10. I have pair and love them There black and warm :] Mine make a funny clicking noise when i walk and I don't know why :/