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  1. Oh snap i am banning you because you didnt ban me!! yup... i went there =p
  2. uhm.. 0% This is not suppose to be funny
  3. uhm.. 0% didnt get it ( watch your language) Kupatchi: OMG theres a smelly sticker in the bottom of that pool! Nazotchi: go smell it... Kupatchi: OK! You can tell whats gonna happen next...
  4. 91. Go and ask for a Double Whopper ( Burgerking) LOL
  5. 10% ( didnt get it ) Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils... ):
  6. LMBO!!! 80% OMG!!! im a piece of toast...
  7. Mom and Dad are usually what i call them. sometimes i call them mummy and duhduh =p
  8. Wow young love Thanks for the info! =]
  9. Once then got sick =/ Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry =p
  10. ok my tamagotchi and my brother's tamagotchi are both adults, have 4 hearts on each other, and they like kiss when they visit each other... What am i missing anything or why are they not mating yet?
  11. since i can remember ♣ LOL Have you ever stayed up till 4am on the computer
  12. Well, i got a tamagotchi v4.5 and a week later, THE V5 comes out... UGH!!! can you guys tell how long i should wait before i ask my parents for the v5?