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  1. I'm completely confused about the free gift you get every month on tamatown. I don't know anything about how to get it, what it is, etc. Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance!
  2. Sometimes it takes a day and a half too, even if you haven't paused it.
  3. And when you put the screws back in, make sure their tight, so that the buttons come out on the outside of the tamagotchi high enough, and that the little gap between the front and back of the tama is tight too. Edit: I think you shouldn't ask your brother for money, but if some of them can't be fixed, maybe you could explain to your parents exactly what happened and if they could buy you some new ones.
  4. I bought a new v4.5, and the buttons are better!
  5. Thanks Raspberry tama! But now my buttons are even more broken than when I first got it! I'm getting a refund sometime today.
  6. Thanks a lot, but my Tamagotchi is brand new! Maybe I should go for a refund.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone, but I KNOW that I am pushing the buttons right. It''s just that the buttons don't realize that I've pushed it. Maybe I should return my Tamagotchi to K-Mart. But theres only around 20 version 4.5's and PC Packs in New Zealand. And theres no more left. Do you think I should keep it anyway? It was a PC Pack which I got as a gift.
  8. Please help! What I mean is is it normal for a tamagotchi button to take several pushes in order to work? This only happens to me about every ten button pushes. Is this normal?
  9. Please do not provide false information. This confuses A lost of people. There are quite a few items that are wearable that don't cost real cash. Pile of dung is now wearable for a cheap 20-50 nps! Okay, the item in your inventory has to say 'wearable'. Click on that item. Then, from the drop-down menu, select "put into your closet'.
  10. I got a Miuchiz Pawz for a very cheap 26 NZD! About 20 USD! I got Dash (Dog) for me and Spike (Cat) for my friend!
  11. Take a look at mine:
  12. Maybe It's just the way you take care of it. Try playing a lot of games and going to work more. Also ttry reacting to your tamagotchi differently. I.e. no connecting, discipline it in the wrong way, etc. Hope this helps!
  13. My teachers tell me off for playing with them IN CLASS but girls are allowed to play with them in class! It's so unfair that boys can't. We only get them confiscated until the end of the day, and my teacher lets me pause them if she confiscates it. We're allowed to play with them during breaks. My principal knows what Kuchipatchi Mametchi, Memetchi and all the other well known tams are and doesn't mind!
  14. Hi, I have recently found my V4 in ym couch, and now it is a 4 yr old teenager. Anyways, I was really wanting to get a special character, and also it was a bit overweight. To get some skill points, I played shape. It was 43 lbs, so I couldn't keep track of how many games I needed to play. After a while my tama didn't want to play so I went to see how many skill points it had, and after that my teenagers weight was 1 lb!!! I have tried downloading but it doesn't help. I have also tried feeding it up to 20 lns, then downlaoding it and it doesn't help either. Maybe some water soaked in.
  15. It is 99.99% probably because the adult evolution of your teenager sleeps later. Example: Say you have a teenager that gets up at 9:00 and sleeps at 9:00 It wakes up and at 9:01 it evolves into an adult. If the adult normally wakes up at 10:00, it will go back to sleep after evolving, because it isn't time for your adult to wake up. I hope that wasn't too confusing.
  16. The coolest people in my school own tamas. Geeks would probably think that they are "Primitive inventions created with RP-200 Microchips" In other words, Geeks would never like tamas.
  17. There is a way to not get the boom box to explode... I can't remember it... Sorry Guys But i had a topic about this... Now I lost it.....
  18. Sorry but I haven't been on this site for ages because I lost my V4 for about 6-7 months! I really want a V4.5 But New Zealand hasn't got one yet! If you know a store that might have one, please inform me! Anyways, yesterday I found it in my couch! I got a battery an hour ago and I want to know... How much do I need to donate in order to get a password for the king??? As I said, I haven't been on this site for ages so I'm not sure if this is the right board or not. Can you please do one of the following?: *Redirect to a topic that answers my question *Tell me the answer to this Question *Tell me if this is the wrong board I know about the topic that lets you get free gotchi points by D-Best, but I want to know if I can do it the fair way. Thanks!
  19. Thanks. I couldn't even understand the movie cause it was so boring.
  20. Hi my runescape account is Zerog11 I'm a level 55 who had full rune with a scimitar, but my legs, plate, and full helm got stolen, and I have completed dragon slayer!
  21. OMG Soccerchic! This is your second post that's not meant to be in Tamatown and E-Tamago!
  22. Only 4 boys in my school have Tamagotchis. Me, my best friend, and my other best friend. Also this other little young kid who really annoys me. And I know about 30 different girls in my school, and about half of them have 3 v4s. I had a v1 that got stolen, A v2 who got sunk in water A v3 which I left in Australia And a v4 in my hand. Oh and Binary, I have a 11 year old brother right in the other room, I'll just call him. I'll hand over the computer to him. Hi and no, I will never play with that "Tamagotchi restaraunt
  23. Wanna be friends? (sorry this is off topic) Love your White n nerdy avatar and I love spongebob! So please? I am now working on some tama stuff (top secret) to contribute!