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    My name is Ryta and I like tamatalk, animals, playing the keyboard, listening to music, and trampolining. I spend a lot of my time on my trampoline doing flips and other crazy stuff :-D. I like my two cockatiels Kesha and Yasha eventhough they shout loudly in the morning to wake me up!
    I have 6 tamagotchis. v1, v2, v3, v4, keitai, angelgotchi. :D

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  1. Ew, I hate remembering XS. I slammed the car door shut on my finger and pulled it out. The nail came off my finger completely. There was a tiny bit left, so it started growing again. It took ages to grow back, somewhere around 4 months. -ryta-
  2. I don't really see what the big deal is. Nothing bad is going on. I don't think that Miley would want to have a double 'just for the sake of it'. And also, it's only one song she uses a double for, isn't it? (correct me if I'm wrong). I really don't get why people hate Miley because of this and everything else. -ryta-
  3. You can help without paying. Simple things like helping around the house more might help make your mother understand. -ryta-
  4. I have the exact same problem :S I just cut the pill into quarters (or smaller) and swallow it. You can use two spoons to crumble up the pill or tablet. Some will be too hard to break though. -ryta-
  5. The online ones aren't much good. Not many people here that have had 'good' experiences with ouija boards. I suppose you have to believe in spirits/ghosts and all that to believe that the ouija board works. I sort of believe that they work, but not in an 'evil' way. I found one on the internet and it says you have to say this prayer about angels protecting you from evil. To think that they're evil I need real proof. I'm going to ask a few people and see what their opinion is.
  6. I think you have to use the board when it's dark.
  7. For me - it's to see to believe. I'm kind of torn in two here. Don't know what to do. I'd like to prove my friend wrong about all paranormal stuff (she's a Most Haunted fan), but I'm kinda doubtful now. I think that ouija board horror stories are being over exaggerated, when it's supposed to be a bit of fun. Any more views on this?
  8. Because green is taked by kuchipatchi. Why are pizza boxes square?
  9. I've just been reading about ouija boards and I want to try one out. The only thing is that I've heard about people totally freaked out after using one (Lights going out and finding out scary things like deaths that've happened) If you've used one would you recommend using one, or is it a waste of time? Any other opinions on ouija boards? Also, if you've used one tell me about it. -ryta-
  10. I'm going to have to close this topic because there's a similar one here.
  11. To be honest I didn't really like the film that much. I haven't read the books so I had no idea what was going on . It didn't really explain what dust was and I'm really confused about the compass/lie detector/whatever it was.
  12. All my family are either from Belarus or Russia so they speak English with those accents. People say I have a scouse accent (Liverpool accent) but I really don't think so . -ryta-
  13. *Moved to (Non)Tamatalk Stuff We Listen To*
  14. I can't decide between Pizza hut or Subway. A year ago I would've voted McDonald's, but I hate it now. I had too many cheeseburgers in one meal and felt sick for ages. Really, don't try this. It might put you off forever. -ryta-