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    I enjoy playing video games and watching anime. I also enjoy researching personalities and listening to music.

    favourite anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter X Hunter and Gintama.

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  1. I'm currently playing the Wind Waker (Gamecube version)
  2. Link's awakening is getting a remake on the switch...I can't wait!
  3. I own a PS2, but it doesn't work very well. I use to play it as a kid - but don't have that many memories compared to the ps1.
  4. Those who owned/own a V3, do you remember when you neglected your tama it would eventually die and turn into an angel? Well I just had this thought, what if the tamagotchi died from being obese? E.G: 99lbs. Do you think this would have made it more fun or more of an annoyance?
  5. If i remember correctly, my first ever tama was the V2.
  6. It is indeed crazy! I came on here when I was 11 years old and I am now 22. It feels like I've come back to an old home that I left years ago. this place brings back so many memories, so much has change over the years!
  7. Thanks guys, he's evolved! Had a baby too!
  8. Nope you are perfectly fine! I'm 20 and own two tamagotchi's.
  9. It's a downloaded tamagotchi, found a few days ago. Put new batteries in. It became a teenager around age 1 or 2.
  10. Hi, my version 3 is now 4 years old, and has not evolved into an adult. I have not paused it at all. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance!
  11. You could try raising up the different skill points to see what jobs your tamagotchi can get. As for the newest tamagotchi, i'm not sure which one that is, i'm only familiar with v2, v3 and v4.
  12. I'm not allowed a real life pet, so tamagotchi's are the closest things i got to having one
  13. Update status for pyonkotchi. Pencil: 26 Star: 4 Flower: 10 Name: Bruno LB:42 Age: 4
  14. So much better then my log! Also this brings back memories, gosh i miss v2 and v3.