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  1. I ban you Tamalova because you have the word Tama in your name! lol
  2. AUstralia!!! Australia is often mistaken for a country in the middle of the desert, humans out populated by kangarroos, kangaroos jump around in out backyards and dingos just go around eating babies. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Australia is a civilized country,just like england and america, we have our backyards under control, dingos live far far away from civilized areas, humans outrule kangaroos, and WE SPEAK ENGLISH. we also eat the most ice cream in the world!!!
  3. Well i haven't quite had it, but sometimes my dream ends by me biting my lip automatically, it just happens!!! Like i don't even controll it, it just happens!!!
  4. Ohno, im so sorry, i know what it feels like, i know, just remember all the great times with your dog, and you can cherish him/her for ever!!! I feel like crying!!! PM me if you are still upset.
  5. Screens in the dark: Yup, anything in the dark with a screen like TV's, coz i had a dream that there was this channel nine monster. Celebrity died: If a celebrity has died i get scared of the dark thinking that the ghost will come. Technical Problems: You know on TV channels, how they have problems with the transmission? I'm scared of the messege!!! Channel nine alone: when i'm watching channel nine (aus) alone, i get scared. spiders: yuck yuck yuck!! Death: knowing that i could never saee my family again or they won't see me just makes me sad.
  6. p!nk

    DS Games

    Mario Kart Ds is awesome too, my brother loves it!!!
  7. wow, awesome, im only in intermediate.
  8. That is only on the gamecube version. You could: 1. spend hours on end pressing B and picking them all out (you could find a four leaf clover) 2. cover the whole entire town with your fave pattern (the weeds dont come again i think) 3. If you have wi-fi, you could go on an animal crossing related site, they should have services to pick weeds out, try www.animalcrossingcommunity.com, but it can be risky,it could be a hacker willing to seed and destroy your game!!! Hope i helped!!! PS i'm in the same boat, i time travel to pay of my loan to tom nook, and its weeds and raffalsia mania!
  9. p!nk

    DS Games

    AC:WW, im a fanatic!!! Its totally worth the $60 aus dollars!!!
  10. who can ice skate??? I can do: forwards stroking backward stroking forwards crossovers (almost) Backward crossovers forward swizzles backward swizzles forward saloms backward saloms left leg T stops (almost) right leg T stops (almost) forward to backward turns backward to forward turns spins (almost) forward one foot glide Backward one foot glide mohawks (almost)
  11. Hahahahahahahaha sorry *giggles to self* those people think that people are going to belive them into buying that!!! How pathetic!!!!
  12. I love it, that is all i can say!!! Anyone else like it???
  13. i tried to go on to the v4 bit of tamatown (even though i dont have a v4) and this white box came up with nothing but the button to enter (it said nothing too!) clueless!
  14. when eva my tama uses the toilet, it squeezes and then it puts its arms in the air! and it cheers! srry i have a sugar rush, i get them easy and when i get them they last for the rest of the day, i had a gobstopper and an icecfream
  15. i found em in the october issue of total girl. its the only virtual pet in colour and it can connect to the net like v3 tamas and entamas. when u r on the net with it, u can buy clothes, upgrades, currency and heaps more! u can connect with it. u can get 3 types of miuchiz. Bratz babyz and Paws and monsters. u can play games with it and care 4 it (well of corse! dont wanna kill it?) im strugglin to say this but they sound a bit better than tamas, well connexions anyway. here are some pics of them. http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/3920/miuchizen8.jpg this is what a bratz one looks like. im srry but i can only give u this one i cant find any more. but i really want 1! oh and here is the website: http://www.miuchiz.com