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  1. hiya! okay so to undebug a tama all you have to do is take it apart find the debug panel and take an eracer(sp?) and rub off the lead or what i did was i took the pencel covered it with a pice of tissue (the tip of the pencel) and rub it you can do it eather ways it doesn't really matter hope i helped
  2. yep! it only does it once it'll stop once he becomes a toddler!
  3. make sure both tamas are on the stand by screen..if they are press b on eather one if that doesn't work PM me with more info.same thing happend to me! LOL
  4. hiya!.okay to play bump you have to wait then when it says push!!!!! press any button the it will show a power meater wait until it's full the press any button the game will start you don't have to but this is what i do when your tama is bumpping the other one press b really fast! it makes my tama win(not all the time though) ummm..if you need anything else feel free to PM me!
  5. another thing that might help is i wouldn't connect until you get new batteries that takes up a lot! trust me!
  6. hiya i'm here to help! okay most often you tama has to be an adult to use most the items but teens can also use some that the adults can't,sadly anything you get from tama town you can't use but go under the "play" icon scroll all the way down and you'll see "souvenir" click it and you will be able to veiw all item you get from tama town!,she cries cuz she wants to be praised.praise her and she will be fine! training is just like if you keep them well disaplined(sp?) praise her when she cries and when she has her back turned to you time out her if she beeps for no reson then the bar will rise you will be better at games you tama won't give another tama "poo" as a gift and all food you buy will only be useable once.the food that it comes with is permanent(sp?).hope i helped out!
  7. not all items dissapear just like the teddy bear and the make up but most costumes and there for good i not fully sure about that if you need any more help ask me! e-mail me or PM me! hope i helped a little bit
  8. just press a and c just like you normaly would! it just does it to trickya! >< same as <>! hope that helped
  9. mine does the same thing! i think what it is if you hit the button too soon it won't work wait until it's just about to hit your tama then press it it works like that on mine! hope it does for you all too!
  10. um about 4 or 5 i think and the matchmaler comes at age six or up!
  11. hey lozoloz! how about frank! or vlad! or....jack!! yeah i'm weird!
  12. this isn't much but it's something! okay take two tamas and take of the back cover(that protects the battery) and exange(sp?) them like if you have a blue tama and a green tama put the green back the the blue tama and the blue back on the green tama! like i said it's not much! i've done it it's cool!
  13. actualy thats normal it just one tamagotchi visting the other it's cute when they blast off