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  1. All of my teachers don't want them in school except for one. He's the coolest teacher ever! One day I asked him, "Mr. Butler, this is my tamagotchi. Can I have it during class? I'm only gonna check it every now and then, I won't play with it." He said yes as long as it didn't distract other students. Mr. Butler, you're awesome. Hehe. However, my friend brought hers into school one day and someone stole it out of her bag, and we never found it. She lost it twice actually, but we found it the first time.
  2. Great ideas from everybody! I take mine shopping too.
  3. I've always enjoyed taking my tama everywhere with my. Call me obsessed or geeky if you like but when I watched fireworks with my friend I made sure my tama could see them. Do you like having your tama join in on the fun? So I was wondering if we could make some sort of list of different places that are great vacation spots to take your tama to. For example... Movies? (With sound off so people don't get mad) Sorry if this whole topic sounded kinda geekish. If you have ideas please post them, and I'll make a Microsoft Word file and put your TamaTalk name on it, so when I show my friends they'll know that you had such good ideas! TamaBlah123
  4. * Moved to What's On Your Mind? forum* I noticed that in the older versions in tamagotchis, if you listened very closely, you could hear a repetitive beeping noise that was often thought of as a heart beat for your tama. However, I noticed that the new 4.5 doesn't have that. I'm not sure if the v4 had it either. Am I wrong? Or do we have zombie tamagotchis?
  5. Please don't post random and pointless messages. There isn't any need to.
  6. Very cool idea! Love it! I did something like this and I glued fabric to the bottom for a rug, and used doll house furniture that the tamagotchi actually fit in.
  7. Thanks to both replies. That helps. I wonder why the blue won't be out until fall O.O but I'll get the Lava Lamp one. Thanks!
  8. Just so you know, I know people have posted ideas like this. I'm not trying to steal anyone's idea and if I posted the same one as you, sorry. Here's what I used: Fabric- You can use any kind, but the soft, velvety kind if you have it is the best. Buttons- Small ones are good here. Glue Gun- Make sure you have a bunch of the little glue sticks. Plastic Gems- I bought a bag of these at the Disney Store in the mall. Here's what I did: 1. Make a rectangle of fabric, and place your tamagotchi on one end, facing with the antenna (if it has one) upwards, and the rectangle should be vertical. If you fold the fabric in half to make a square, your tamagotchi should fit perfectly inside the soon-to-be pocket with lots of space on the sides. 2. Take your tamagotchi out. Smooth the fabric so it is folded in the square position it was just in. Make the ends even and glue then together with a glue gun. Make sure you go over twice to be sure that there are no open spots. Then slide your tamagotchi in and cut off the excess, which is a little over the top of your tamagotchi. If your tama has an antenna, it should not be poking out. 3. Take a strip of fabric. If it has a design on both front and back, good. If not, fold it horintally then glue it that way so it's a strip with design on both sides. Now glue the ends together (Not making an O shape- so it's like an O with a pointed bottom. This means do NOT glue ends in an overlapping position). Then, glue the loop to the back of the pocket. This will be your handhold. 4. With your tamagotchi out of the pocket, glue a plastic gem in the middle of the front (not the side with the loop on it). Put four buttons on, one in each corner. Then put a button in the middle of the corners (in kind of a plus shape). This can be customized how you like. If you did it this way, then the gem should have a square of buttons around it. 5. Slide your tamagotchi in and, voila! A cute pouch for your tamagotchi! Here's another design idea! You'll need- Fabric Glue gun A large button with two large slits in it 1. Repeat steps 1-3 from the first design. 2. Take the button and slide in a piece of fabric a few inches longer then the pocket, whether it's the same or different than your main fabric, and make it so that it comes in through one slit, goes over the middle, in exits through the other slit. Glue the middle of the fabric onto the area of the button between the slit. Then flip the button over and glue the fabric onto the sides of the underside of the button. Then flip it back over. It should look like a belt almost. 3. Glue the middle of the button to the pocket, then glue the ends of the fabric to the pocket. Don't just put glue on the ends- all along the pieces that will be on the pocket. The belt should be glued to the pocket. 4. Put in your tamagotchi. Presto! It looks as cute as the other one, but it has a cute belt design! TIPS: *It's good to be color coordinated with the first idea, although you can get creative. For mine, I did purple and white buttons with a purple gem for one pocket and pink and white buttons with a white gem for the other. It looked very creative. *Don't make the buttons too big of the first idea. It could make it look overdone or you could run out of space. I used small buttons and a gem a bit smaller than a quarter for mine and it looked great. *Don't make this guide your rules! Get creative and make them the way YOU want. *These pockets are good for sleepovers or just for bedtime for you and your tama. Or for taking them out or just around the house. *Keep the keychain out of the pocket if possible, because it could get scratched. *Don't try decorating with your tama IN the pouch! It will mess up your decorations and could damage your tamagotchi. That's it! Sorry if the instructions were confusing. It's hard to explain if I can't visually show you. At the moment, I don't have any pictures, but when I get some I'll add them. Thanks a bunch! Happy decorating! Lots Of Love, TamaBlah123
  9. Awesome ideas! But be careful with the beads, especially what kind of thread you use. I used a thread made just for that kind of thing, and I put a little metal charm I liked a lot from my jeans on it. One day when I was paddle boating, I took it out of my pocket to check on it and the string and beads and charm were all gone. So be careful what you use for string, and use cheap, unimportant beads or else you could lose them. Plus, the Tama Cozy is such a good idea! I love to buy felt to make outfits for my cat, so I'll use the extra to make a cozy. Good job!
  10. Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I haven't been on TamaTalk for a while. Okay. I want to buy a v4.5, and my two favorites are the Blue Hawaaiin (sp?) one of the Lava Lamp one. However, I can't find any good close-up pictures of the Lava Lamp one. I noticed it looks like you can see the circuitry. Does that make the design look somewhat ugly? (Not the tamagotchi itself. All tamas are very cute. ) If you have close up links, please post them. Thank you! TamaBlah123
  11. Thanks to everybody who posted here. Oh, and yes, I did almost blow up in her face. I've had past experiences with Toys R Us where I wasn't too pleased with them. However, I realize that isn't really the employees who are at fault here. Thanks for the advice, Mahinva. I should call up the manager. It isn't fair if a child who is new to tamagotchis and doesn't really know which version is which happens to get the wrong version because Toys R Us tricked the poor kid into getting it. Thanks guys!
  12. First of all, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Here's what's on my mind- I was out with my dad the other day, looking for a Tamagotchi 4.5. He was starting to get pretty mad at me since I had him driving out everywhere. But anyway, we went to a multitude of stores that didn't have them yet. Surprise. When we hit Toys R Us, they said they had them! So the lady took us to the aisle and showed us a sign that said "Free Charm With Purchase Of Tamagotchi 4.5" then took us to the Tamas. They were version 4. I understand she may have been mislead to believe these were 4.5, but still. I said to her kindly, "I think these are the V4," not wanting to sound rude. "No, they're 4.5." she said bluntly, and the package even said V4 in the corner. I pointed it out to her (again kindly) and she took it to the scanner which confirmed it was NOT a V4 and indeed a 4.5. She even was sort of giving us an attitude as if she didn't want to be helping. Still, I wasn't going to be fooled and buy one I already had. We went to another Toys R Us who did the same thing. And when we left the first one, we heard that lady talking to her friend about us and laughing. Did they know that it was the V4 and were they trying to cheat us out of our money? Or was it a misconception? I realize that not all employees are bad. Please, no flaming, I respect all Toys R Us employees. So what was on my mind in this topic? Everytime Bandai comes out with a new tama, a whole batch will sold out in an hour! I can never seem to get one. I feel like I'm always on the short end of the stick. Do you guys get that feeling? Thanks for reading! TB123
  13. I hate that stupid thing! Anyway, I'm not sure what to do, just make lots of points. The only downside to that is everytime I make tons, the robber takes about half of them. Sorry. Good luck though!
  14. That's normal. The faces will slowly turn into hearts as you interact them more and more. Just give it a little more time. As for the honey, it usually works, but I think the real reason it got the name 'love potion' was because of the heart. It probably does boost the relationship, but there's no saying that it'll make them instantly fall in love. For people who had that work, the relationship was probably high to begin with. I wouln't know though since I haven't used it. Hope that helped you a little!