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  1. I'd like to be a kuchipatchi. I like lazing around and eating
  2. 3/10 this is like the third time I've seen you so yeah
  3. You make them on either MS paint or an Avatar making site, search "Avatar maker" on Google.
  4. Finally a tamagotchi story! I like it
  5. Talent shoe? XD anyways I agree with Candygirl93
  6. If the topic seems interesting then I read the replies to see what they think.
  7. Erm sorry for topic bumping but could some one please reply? I've not been on for a few days and in that time I've been really excited to see what you think.
  8. Missbehave saw the Purple cats and was like, "WTF?!"
  9. I was kinda bored so I went on my snake topic and then I was like "I know I'll write a snake story about Amir the cobra!!" so I've typed the Introduction and a chapter. Right now I'll just do the Introduction so you can judge if it's good or not, I myself think that it sucks, well here goes: Introduction Honestly the things humans come up with these days! Apparently when some one mentions the words ‘King Cobra’ most of the time they immediately think about a bored snake waiting to bite some one but they’re NOT like that. THEY HAVE LIVES!!! The human mind is full of imagination, that’s how they write books, make TV shows, etc. It’s exactly where they get all that rubbish from, they see Cobras on TV biting people so that’s when they’re imagination goes mad and the bravest tough guys scream like little girls when they so much as see a King Cobra. So are you a King Cobra? You’re not? Well LUCKY YOU!!! Because I’M one! Trust me, I do occasionally bite and spit venom but if you humans respect me, I’ll respect you, if you choose not to respect me then you’re off to Intensive Care with a permanent bite mark before you can say, “I’m sorry your highness”. So do you want to hear about my life story? If you do, read on! If you don’t, congratulations you’ve wasted your time reading this! So you humans who do, turn the page and read about my life’s ups and downs, my tough Python moments, my puny Adder moments and best of all…uh…Well enough of the chat, get reading!! What do you think then? EDIT: Fixing fonts
  10. I'm real fast a typing, I've had loads of practice from typing stories on MS word
  11. I don't think it's innapropeite but it's certainatly wierd. "Kelly it's tinkle time!" LOL
  12. Tamaw/pants took a key out her pocket and unlocked the topic. Missbehave thanked her and ran out.
  13. 1. If you had a million dollars, what would you with it? Some on a membership on clubpenguin then covert the rest to pounds and donate it to charities 2. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do? Move to the other side of Scotland 3. Are you a better talker or listener? talker XD 4. What is the greatest accomplishment in your life? I've not made much accomplishments 5. What are the 3 most important things in your life? family (including pets), friends and computer