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  1. yeah it only fills up you thing fully though. i have got a letter from the king!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT IT DOES THOUGH!! i think he gives you a present. IVE GOT SOME TAMAGOTCHIS AND I LOVE THE FAMILITCHI ONE THE BEST!!! PLEASE TELL ME WHICH ONE IS YOU FAVOURITE!! report back quick!
  2. im sorry but i have never heard of any of these pets before only the tamagotchi. where do you get them from? if anyone know please tell me
  3. What on earth is a blinkie?!!! i have never heard of them in my life! they sound annoying so i will proberly NEVER buy one. if anyone can tell me what they are like i would be grateful. thanks signed Memetchi066
  4. one idea is that you could make a friendship bracelet and attach it to the ring on your tamagotchi heres how to make one you need .some different coloured string .some sissors .a smooth surfice .celotape instuctions First find a flat surfice and with your coloured strings celotape them onto the table Then make your design e.g a plait When you have finished your design put a knot at the end Carefully take the celotape off and make a loop Tadah!!!!!!! now attach it to your tama
  5. if your tama is making a weird noise get a pen and gently press the reset button to keep it quiet and then after change the battery
  6. yeh i donated 5121 points and waited but i didn't get anything at all nothing no nothing nothing at all
  7. my tama is 6 yrs old and i did all of the times and she never came by the way way my tama only tured six this morning maby thats why it won't come?
  8. my friend got an angelgotchi yesterday lunchtime. I so despertly want a USA version of one i can't wait ( i wish i could get one tomorrow)
  9. how do you get that pic on the side? please tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. my v2 only lived untill it was 18 . it had a matchmaker when it wasabout 11 and it got a baby boy but then when it was 18 they both died so i had to reset it ( ps i've only just this sec become a member)