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  1. the ninja, large, and petie families arent rele the best types of familys to be aiming for..its makes ur tama family unhealthy. but if u insist on wanting them..good luck
  2. when my tamas go on the dating show..do ALL 3 get married and have kids? and if so which tamas kids do i get..how exactly does this mating and stuff work? please help
  3. some people i know spoil their tama's...but when i mean spoil..i mean ppl actually treat their tamas lk a little kid..if they die, people have funerals..if its feeding time..people feed them in the kitchen..and at nite, they put them in a hand-made tama bed.. how do you treat ur tama's?
  4. ok..so..i got my v5 a few days ago..and i love it..its awsome! much better than the other versions but just one question about the family thing and charactes soo...can u have lk any character lk space characters? and can u mate them with any other tama and create a new tama..or just a diffrent one?
  5. but dont forget that it doesnt mean u can keep your tama's on it all day long..its just lk a pause... when you keep it on travel channel to much , lk a pause, it will take longer for your tama's to grow. but its still a better pause because its a good way for your tama's to get fresh air and bond hope i helped
  6. alot of the "Rare" stuff is rele helpful..but im worried that im gonna lose them or run out..i rele need them, cuz they are rele helpful. is it posssible to lose items or food?
  7. i used the littel mirror thing..and my tama changed into the makiko..its cute and i knew tht was gonna happen..but is there anway to change it back?
  8. oh ok..do you know how to get a furakotchi? [tht little clock dude]?
  9. i want to know tht to..but i dk..i think u would by them from a sepcial store on tama town
  10. i rele want a furikotchi..wat are tehy lk and how can i get them?
  11. i just got my v5..but i relized on the box tht there are new characters..i wanna see a chart to look at more i can work at getting :]
  12. does anyone have a chart of the new v5 characters?
  13. how do you play the teacup game>?