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    horror movies, music, literature, tamagotchis

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    i love them all
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    i have one of every verson (but 2 music stars). Right now I am only taking care of my tama-go for a while, but plan on reactivating a music star soon!

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  1. Hey, I just got my new Tama-go and since it is so close to christmas, there is a christmas tree in my Tama's room!! It got me wondering...does the Tama-Go have special holiday events? Like, on the older versions, it would show Santa coming on Christmas Eve at midnight and stuff like that. So if anyone knows and has a list of the different holiday events with the times that they happen, please post them Thank you
  2. venusmarie

    Swirly Sweet City Question

    I understand now. Thanks for your help!
  3. When you go to the cafe and talk to the character next to marjorite, she mentions a "Restaurant Cassette" I was wondering what exactly a "restaurant cassette is. Is that a tama-go figure or something you collect from tamatown?
  4. So I decided that I wanted my V5 and my Music star to have babies together. I selected "MARRY" on my v5 and selected the girl to marry my Music Star, but when i connected them, the girl dissapeared and never showed up on my music star. So i only had two family members on my V5. I later decided just to move on and have one of the boys get married through the dating channel... and he only had two babies instead of three!!! Whats going on!?
  5. venusmarie

    Warriors series anyone?

    my fave series!
  6. venusmarie

    X Japan

  7. venusmarie

    Saw 5?

    i luv the saw movies!! the gore is brilliant, the puzzles fresh!! i even laugh wen the people get killed (it funny!!) so every1 says the 5th 1 is comin out next mnth but i've heard nuthin!!
  8. venusmarie

    Celebs that share

    me and madona. aug.16
  9. venusmarie


    mine was brambletooth! didnt win tho........
  10. venusmarie

    How Do Your Parents Feel..

    the 'rents r totally strict!! my grandma hates that all i watch is CSI, SPONGEBOB, and NARUTO. they dnt really care wat i read exept 4 my wicca books. but wen i listen 2 x japan, we alwayz get into arguments. they say it's "changing me" but i've never felt better, the music is bringing out the voice i alwayz wanted 2 let out but wuz 2 scared 2.....
  11. venusmarie

    what's your current ringtone?

    X by x japan!! wooooohooooo!!!
  12. venusmarie


    *moment of silence* our stupid school didnt hav a moment of silence. so in the middle of an important lecture in science, all of us threw a big fit until the teacher told us 2 take the moment of silence. it wuz a tragedy and alwayz will b.......*sheds tear*
  13. venusmarie

    X Japan

    is there any1 else? i'd love to talk 2 u guys!! i mean, even now, i'm jammin to WEEK END, and next i'll have my head bowed and sweet tears running down my face wen i listen to TEARS...... PM me u guys!!