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  2. she grew from a larva to a grub today... i assume she can still cocoon? the growth chart confuses me somewhat! hahah
  3. well, still a larva, but discipline bar almost full! shes been rampaging quite often the little scamp as of now shes 3 years old and 17 tonnes. looking forward to cocoon stage!
  4. Welp, seeing as i got up an hour later than she did, she didn't need much at all! only one food and a game, onwards with the day! I'm really enjoying this tama so far. having not played with an original tamagotchi in YEARS it feels awesome to have one again, especially one so snazzy as Mothra and i really do have to say its a very nice passive tama. I don't have to keep my eye on it all the time, so if theres anyone here reading this, so far i vastly recommended picking one up if you don't already! Heres a photo of her
  5. Sleepy..

    1. '/={3


      awesome aprofile pic! <)P


  6. Was out bowling with fiance and friends for his birthday, in that time Mothra larva tried to destroy something, so discipline was on the menu! tsk tsk! and then went to sleep at 8pm haha.
  7. Well, being tama-less for so long my fiance got me a Mothra tamagotchi, she arrived today and already had a battery in so after setting the time i just had to wait! Knowing old style tamas as well as i do, the Japanese is no issue at all she hatched and after be stuffing her up with leaves and playing some games shes evolved into the Mothra larva - she also got sick, but her worshippers made her all better - so now we just have to wait and see where she goes next! So far this tama seems pretty low maintenance. been keeping my eye on it since she evolved to larva and shes not needed much at all. Should be interesting to see how she carries on growing!
  8. I got a Tamagotchi a week before they hit the stores in the UK because my dad worked at toys r us... i was about 7 or so then... was an original 1997 white egg with blue cracked detail and buttons. Loved it. since then i bought all kinds of digi-pets (like cheap ones of dinosaurs etc) but then didn't do much for years... i saw about the connections, and got myself a v4.5... had so many nice new features but kept the lovely basics of tamagotchi in its heart (i never bought one any newer than the v4s... they went a bit weird i think) couple years later i moved house and ive lost him somewhere, i know i packed it! but i recently again got bit by the tama-bug... trying to find my 4.5, but failing, but my fiance won me a Mothra tama on ebay so i'm awaiting her arrival!
  9. i wish i had more of a 'collection' i've misplaced my v4.5 when i moved house, i know its here SOMEWHERE! and i have a Mothra coming in the mail form ebay! I'll always love the original 1997 models, and whats not to love about Mothra? so i cant wait for that... maybe it'll give me my tama-bug back and ill buy more
  10. i had a 3 legged black cat named fred! but he died a couple years ago >:
  11. yeah... its a shame theyre marketed at little girls. though they do release 'boy colours' as they get called in the argos catalogue XD personally i think the marketing does put some poeple off, which is a shame because frankly the tamagotchi isnt a very girl geared thing when you play with one. its very neutral, and entertaining. i dont know many people where i live that still play with tamas. so i do stand out a bit hahaaa. but i did know a few 20+ year old who liked em. and a fair few of them were men! so if you can get over the shoddy marketing and ignor peoples comments who think theyre just for little girls. then its ok.
  12. i have my tamagotchi on my bag when i go to college. noone cares. teachers dont mind as long as you do your work! haha. i even take my DS lite in.
  13. well, when i played neopets i was. well i draw my own characters, and i did anthrofie my neopets way back. i have art for them but its crappy now. ive improved alot since i quit neopets.... well i say quit.. i do pop on it from time to time.
  14. i got the same battery for my v3 only a few days ago. mines fine... maybe try resetting? or check the batterys in properly. i know it clicks in.. but there still might be a lose connection somewhere.
  15. tis indeed! i knew who you were ive seen you on DA before too.