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  1. After several years of, let's say, taking a break from tamas, I've finally put in a new battery for my V1. Now, I don't have my instruction manual anymore, so I checked the reference section here. For the weight, it said "not to let it increase in weight much". Would this mean that I should keep the weight at around 2lb or so, or should I exercise it until it becomes 0lb? [Yes, I know what you're thinking. I really should know this. I feel like newb to tamas right now. ">.>] edit: Never mind. It just shakes its head after a while when I try to play a game.
  2. I love googles. I have a lil kinz one named GooglyHarry.
  3. Sorry I haven't replied in a while. I kinda forgot about this. He he... Mametchi_411, I don't give out exclusives, but that's a good idea. I'll do that for foods that only come with the webkinz species.
  4. Wasn't that from Kung Fu Panda? Keep your word and value your reputation- it's the one thing that, once you lose it, you can't get it back. -Leeza Gibbons Words are the best wepons. Guns are for cowards. -Paul Ilinsky Have mercy, forgiveness, and love for one another. -Kathy Ireland Have a belief in you that is bigger yhsn anyone's disbelief. -August Wilson All from the book Kids' Little Instuction Book. Lots of great advice in that book.
  5. Each time, I'll pick a category for people to write about. Currenly, I don't know what to do for a prize; I might not have one. Post any suggestions you have for prizes. RULES Stories must be original. Each story must be at least 500 words, but not more than 1200. Only one story per person for each category. After a couple entrees come in, I'll pick the winner. The first contest's category is: disappoinment.
  6. I took a break from tamas today and yesterday. Probably tomorrow too. But I'll start again soon.
  7. Well, today I had my Kin (my Makiko) marry. Apparently, you get to pick which one of your charries marries (hey, that rhymes!). I had her marry a fella with a leaf/propeller thing on its head. Kin's brother and sister came to meet her, they talked and she and Propeller cried, and then Propeller and Cake left When I feedm the babies, the mom and dad come on the screen with the food, come off, and then the babies come on. When I give the babies medicine, the mom and dad bring it. More info later!
  8. Charries: Potetchi Mukuge Watatchi These are the charries I had before this happened: I was downstairs, practicing piano. I was in the middle of a piece, when I heard my tama ring for training. I trained it and brought it downstairs. I looked at the charrie names just a little later, and saw that my last born was a Watatchi! That's what I needed to get a Makiko! I wasn't sure if it would work (since it was my last-born), but I tried anyways. I used the girl's dresser, and it turned into a Makiko!
  9. My tamas evolved just now. The (very short) story: I put my tama on the sleep trick, and got lazy. Just now, I fixed it to the correct time. It suddenly evolved. YAY? I don't think I have the charrie necesary for a Makiko. I'll put up the charrie names up another time.
  10. I forgot my tama at home and went somewhere. I realized I forgot my tama. I came back at around four or four-thirty. Then finally, when it was almost five, I remembered it (right now).
  11. I used the sleep trick on my tama and stuck it in my bag. I think in the evening, I suddenly remembered it. It pooped once and had a couple of happy and hungry hearts gone . I quickly brought it back to health. I don't think I said this here yet: My character goal for now is to get a Makiko. If I have, please forgive me.
  12. Eep! My tamas just evolved! I was reading one of the "How To:" threads (yes, I was bored), and suddenly, I heard my tama beap the beap it makes when it evolves. They are currently yawning like crazy . EDIT:When they were doing that, the time was set to around 7 or 6.
  13. I think that Bandai was running out of ideas, and so resulted in the V5's features.
  14. Propeller: Hey ya'll! Do ya have comments about this log? Do you wanna send mail to the Choco family? Go ahead! To comply to the site's rules, you'll have to pm them to DF41. Cake:Send us mail, or else I will hunt you down, tie you up in a dark room, put your chair under the pool that's in the room, fill it with hungry pirhanas, and have them eat you! So send us mail please! Cake, what have I told you about threatening people? Cake: Nothing! *slaps forehead*
  15. Yay! Yay Yay! Are you wondering why I'm celebrating? I finished entering all the special passwords (from binary)! W00T!