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  1. It might have happened if you have paused your tamagotchi or if you've changed the clock a lot. Or maybe your baby is a bit slow...
  2. I play my tamagotchis when I'm supposed to be sleeping lol... except when the batteries are dead... then I might get some sleep lol.
  3. Sounds rather like the Sims... But cool nonetheless... How would you feed/play with the tamagotchis; singularly or as a group? The needs would probably be in a different format too... I guess we'll have to wait & see
  4. Hmm... I've got a good idea for the prize... A trip around the globe? Or a job in BanDai? Or... hmm... an aeroplane? Like the sound of that one As for the actual contest... who can figure out the meaning of tamagotchi life lol...
  5. Well done guys, I always knew you'd be guides someday... congrats!
  6. Yay!! I can't believe Admin has dedicated three years worth of care to making this site! Congrats, everyone, and happy third birthday TamaTalk!
  7. There are three kinds of schools (mainly). Infants are for kids 3/4ish to 7, junior is for kids 7 to 11, and secondary is for kids 11 to 16/18. (Depending on whether you stay for sixth form) Having said that, though, most of the time, infants and juniors are merged together to make a primary school... In my area there are a few secondary schools (also known as high school), one of which is a grammar school. I chose to go to the grammar school, despite the fact I am one of only six going there (with about one hundred going to the more popular schools), because I know I'll make new friends. I have made loads of new friends already, actually My friends will still know me well, we ring/MSN/text/whatever all the time, and that won't change. Just because you're changing schools doesn't mean that you wouldn't still see your friends.
  8. Thanks for making that, Admin. It's a really great site!
  9. I get about ten new messages every day, which means there isn't much space in my inbox, even if I delete some. I don't get them from a particular person, or people, just a lot from loads of people. It's really annoying when you try to PM someone and their inbox is full, so I try to clean it out regularly.
  10. Unless the theory only applies to Connexions/Connections, and you happen to have the wrong one. Maybe other people could post their results?
  11. has loads of pics and banners to help find her. It also has a lot of info, if you were interested.
  12. The bank game is also Get, but with money. School and preschool are counting the number of tamagotchis getting on/off of the school bus. That's all I've got to at the moment.
  13. The picture on the left looks very much like a V3. The two pictures on the right look more like V4s to me, the ''chocosilver'' design, as they aren't the pink design on the the V3. The pictures aren't clear to start with, so it could well be a faked tamagotchi/picture.