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  1. ^ YES! > is tired *yawn* v likes cheese?
  2. Lol! This is exactly the same as my old "Throw a random object at the person above you". But I don't care. I throw a dork at the next poster... NOOO! The prune juice!!! AAAAHHH!!!
  3. OMG! I hate lots of songs. I hate any song where the singer sing in a little baby voice, you know what I mean? Like you can tell they can sing full out, but they choose to sing in that little-sing-song voice and try to be cute. I mean PA-LEEZ! They're grown people! And they're usually singing to a teenage-young adult audience, not 1-5 year olds!!! I used to hate everything Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado or Rihanna did. Now I'm not so tough. I love Umbrella by Rihanna, and Shut Up and Drive isn't so bad either. Glamorous by Fergie isn't so bad, but Big Girls Don't Cry, London Bridge and Fergalicious ar all revolting. Hollaback Girl and Wind it Up by Gwen S aren't so bad, and I've been sort of forced to like The Sweet Escape (Gwen) and Maneater (Nelly Furtado). I can't stand Love Today by MIKA. Awful, horrible music but good to cheer you up if your feeling down. I know that's t's played a million times by the dance comp people every school fete. Another one is Love Generation by Bob Sinclar. Has anyone else noticed that he's singing off-key the WHOLE SONG?! Whenever you try to sing along to it, you have to stop because you know your singing it right but you're on a different note to him. That's because he doesn't sing a note right the whole way through. Quite annoying, really, considering that it's actually not a bad song. I could go on forever, but this post is long enough as it is. Don't worry, I don't expect you to have read the whole thing.
  4. I find all musicals repulsive, especially high school musical.
  5. 6/10 I've seen you around, but not for a while (love the avvie)
  6. Yummmm...*eats* I throw a chocolate milkshake at the next poster....
  7. I think I might have seen you...once... 2/10
  8. 5/10 Ok, it's not very clear what it's meant to be.
  9. I'm pretty sure the coloured ones are 2nd generation, the black ones are 1st and the wide ones with the demented colours are 3rd generation. "I want one but my parents won't let me get one" - that's what the "No, but I want one" is for! I get what you mean by naming them. Mine's a she, and she's too cool 4 school! lol What she means is when you get your iPod, mostly you get an urge to call it a "he" or a "she". I've also given mine a name - Bluey, because she's blue! As for the internet playlist thing...sure it works, but unless your computer is a little tiny pocket-sized thing, how are you supposed to take your songs around with you? o.O? I really don't know how I lived without my iPod. You can take it anywhere, listen to it anywhere, and put anything on it. So cool!