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    Ehh not really into tamagotchis like I used to be. Sorry, don't hate me haha :L Just like to casually talk to people as you do so yeah...
  1. I may not know you but I would still like to wish you a good one on your special day! Happy birthday stranger!

  2. I sometimes use my imagination to pretend my life is different to how it actually is. Of course I don't actually let it influence my personality...that would be weird, it's all in my head. Sorry if I haven't explained it well but I like to think about how different my life would be if I was in certain different situations.
  3. ~Bullies and disrespectful people ~Feet ~The sound of people walking past my room ~People who swear every other word because they think it makes them look 'ard. I don't get offended if they say it once or twice or if they are genuinely in a bad mood though.
  4. This is quite random but for some reason I've got super mario stuck in my head
  5. I got this iPod that I'm using now for my 14th and that's my most used possession at the moment so maybe that...also I can remember my excitement when I got my first ever phone (11th) or my first Nintendo DS (9th) or my first tamagotchi (8th). I don't have a favourite overall though.
  6. Chinese food <3 Would you rather lose your Internet or lose your clothes?
  7. This is really cliche but I just put my name and the age I was at the time of making this account lol...creative minds...
  8. Taking this again because I'm bored... 1. How would you describe yourself? Clown- Emeli Sande 2. What do people think about you? Want U Back- Cher Lloyd 3. What's your current theme song? Slip- Stooshe 4. What song is best for you to play during the day? Counting Stars- One Republic 5. What song is best for you to play at night? When She Was Mine- Lawson 6. What song do you wanna play at your next birthday party? Super Bass- Nicki Minaj 7. What's the best slumber party song? The One That Got Away- Katy Perry 8. What song would you play for yourself if you can't sleep? All About Tonight- Pixie Lott 9. What's your signature dancing song? I Found You- The Wanted 10. What's your favorite song to play on road trips? Still Into You- Paramore 11. What song do you wanna play on camping trips? Your Body- Christina Aguilera 12. If you are allowed to play songs while watching a movie, which song would you choose? She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5 13. What's your motto? A Thousand Years- Christina Perri 14. What's your biggest secret? We'll Be Coming Back- Calvin Harris
  9. Hey, why does practically no one come online anymore? This site was jam packed back when I used in in 2008 ish