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  1. I use deodrant, and perfume. Chance by chanel, gucci by gucci miss dior cherie by dior erm some spanish one the one by d&g and some others that i can't remember the name off x
  2. I HAVE IT! It is amazing pm me if you have any questions xxx
  3. iPhone doesn't have bluetooth, and it's not great for videoing!
  4. New and updated list. Itunes vouchers Speakers Rolex watch Chanel make up perfume Dog bed Tiffany and co necklace Earrings alot to ask for, i know. but i dont care if i dont get them.
  5. The first girl, . Which one are you more comfortable being around with? xxx
  6. I would like a tiffany and co necklace and a blackberry thats it really.
  7. When I'm at school, on saturday I have school then a match then a social. On sunday I have chapel, and just laze about watch movies and facebook all day. at home, go shopping take dogs out for a walk facebook and watch movies,
  8. Bit early to think about xmas? I know, I know. But when I have nothing to think about, I think about a ridicoulus (sp?) christmas list. haha, what would you like to get for christmas?
  9. In England. I think Valentines Day has just crossed the line of being too comercial. But, its a bit of fun thoughh . Im not seeing my 'valentine' till saturday though. :] x
  10. Ah, thankyou. I wish i saw that first before posting this thread I am a bit of an idiot. thankyou very much x