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  1. hey im 13 and i love tamagotchis!!! i take mine EVERYWHERE and sometimes my friends make fun of me but whatves ^^
  2. ME *hey does anyone smell something around here? its starting to get hot.....* *everyone in near vincinity* "OMG WHAT IS THAT SEMLL!!??!!??!!?? *they all point at me* "what? why are you all looking at me like that?? the person below me is a serial killer, and will do ANYTHING to get his/her hands on marshmellows!!!! muahahahaha *cough* *cough* muahhahahahahahaha!!!!
  3. is there any chance you could show us a picture? that would help, either that its a glitch, a pretty cool 1 at that
  4. your tamgotchi can turn into anything, it will not always turn into what u want. just accept it for what it is! hope i helped =)
  5. if you connect a certain version with another version, in the friends list they come out as a mailman 'nuff said
  6. to get the rare cell phone, you must eneter all the codes there are for the shop. 'nuff said
  7. ive made some of my own comics of manga too, im an artist so it was very good =) it was called chicha (1 volume, what can i say? i got bored hehe)
  8. 2 years ago?! you MUST TELL ME!!! i still cannot read the book yet..i ordered it at the library so it should come soon =))
  9. omg this happened to me but differently instead i left it in the car in the freezing cold by accident!! almost all the pixels were faded though so i put it under my lamp and it got better, nice, warm, and cozy!
  10. thyre sooooo funny! oh and so is family guy!!!!
  11. sorry me again (i dont kno how to edit!) juss saying i saw the movie the day it came out, the whole place was packed! but luckily we got our tickets at 11:50pm XD aaand we were at the mall and we had 2hours to kill so we were like what the heck? lets do it. =))
  12. lmfao i saw the movie, it was hilAHrious! especially when bart is skate boarding naked around town XD they actually show something for like 5 secs!!!!! i was like OH MY GAWD, I WAS STRAIGHT CRACKING UP!!!! in the end though they get the bomb out of the dome! hehe with a motorcycle too =))
  13. oo i feel so embarrassed, i only read a quarter of the book at BORDERS and i already love it! its sooo descriptive, has anyone ever read it??? and what happens to stargirl and leo? ^-^
  14. actually (stop reading now becuz i read the whole series) the ending was pretty dissapointing, all three bauldelaires got stuck on an island, with a baby! they all have to take care of it, and keep it away from danger. that to me is a horrible ending. >.< ooh and yes count olaf dies yay!