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  1. Sometimes in the mail you will get objects that will benefit you, and some things that wont. For example getting a snake or poop will make you lose your HAPPY hearts, while the Gotchi King will visit you and leave behind either a present or an certant ammount of Gotchi points. ::ITACHI::
  2. ::Baby:: 7 ::Child:: 12 ::Teenager:: 17 ::Adult:: 27 ::ITACHI::
  3. The wieght for Tama's vary on their stage. Example: Teen, Adult, etc. The average weight would be around the point when the tama would refuse playing games, as playing games makes your tama lose weight. If your tama can play games, it means it's weight is above the average point. ::ITACHI::
  4. The times for the Matchmaker are: 10:30 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM You can set the time to one minute before the destined time and she will still come if you cant wait. ::ITACHI::
  5. That is called the Kakeibo Tamagotchi. Basically what you do in it is manage Gotchi Points and go to various places like shops and do money oriented things. You can find a short briefing on the Kakeibo by an user named "Skillfull Abbot" HERE. ::ITACHI:: *binary: repaired link*
  6. ::ITACHI::
  7. The matchmaker will come at these times when your tama has been an adult for 72 hours: 10:30 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM You can set the time a minute before (Example: 10:29 AM) if you cant wait for her. Good luck! ::ITACHI::
  8. The only Oldtimers are the ones listed on the Character chart found HERE. If you dont have any of the three, your tama is NOT an oldtimer. If you want an old timer, you would have to have an Adult tama for 14 days. (You would have to decline to the matchmaker for this) ::ITACHI::
  9. Yes it does. Pausing does effect the growth period remember. ::ITACHI::
  10. When your adult tama has adult for 72 hours, the matchmaker will come and bring along another tama of opposite gender. The screen will then say, LOVE? YES NO If you choose NO she will come back and ask you agian. But eventually she will NOT come back and you will become an Oldtimer when you have your Adult Tama for 14 days....unless you mate with another V4. The Matchmaker comes at these times when your tama has been an adult for 72 hours: 10:30 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM You can set the time a minute back like for example, 10:29 AM, if you cant wait. When mated with the other tama, you will have either a boy or a girl baby. Eventually after 2 days, your tama will leave the baby. *Pausing basicallys stops the time* ::ITACHI::
  11. In order for the Matchmaker to come to visit you, you would have to have your Adult Tama for 72 hours. Pausing freezes the time basically, so if you have paused it, she might come alittle while longer then usual. The Matchmaker will visit at theese times: 10:30 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM You can set the time one mintue before the destined time, for example, 10:29 AM. And in order for your Adult tama to become an oldtimer, you would have to have him/her for 14 days. ::ITACHI::
  12. When you're on your 2nd Gen. go to your FAMILY on your V4. (Book icon) Then select PARENTS. Hit the B Button until you get to the screen that says, "Cell Phone Number". There are arrows going left, right, and a circile. (Middle) Choose your Cellphone and input the code by the A, B, and C buttons. A is for left. B is for the middle. C is for right. You will be able to now talk to your parent! Also visit this topic HERE for another cellphone number. ::ITACHI::
  13. There is actually a topic already like this HERE. ::ITACHI::
  14. When you first see Mr.Turtlepedia appear on your tamagotchi, press the A button to change it to Ms.Sunflower, and then A agian for Mr.Canvas. Mr.Turtlepedia is for Intelligence (Pencil) Ms.Sunflower is for Style (Star) Mr.Canvas is for Kindness/Arts (Flower) ::ITACHI::
  15. No Sasuke does NOT end up with Sakura, or anybody else. Not even Naruto hooks up with Sakura. Later in the series, (Since there were some spoilers) Sakura and Naruto try to go and find Sasuke, but right now in the Manga they are fighting the Akatsuki, who are trying to capture all of the Tailed Beasts. Reason? We dont know yet. ::ITACHI::