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    Looking for a V4 and wanting to know when it'll come out in thailand.

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  1. thats great then! but where exactly did u buy it from? from part of china and what store name?
  2. i was wondering if you can find english version V5s in shanghai [china]. have anyone of u ever bought from shanghai, english version V5s?
  3. I love stephanie meyer's books!!! its so romantic, adventorous and exciting!
  4. i like stephanie meyers and jaqueline wilson
  5. i never got Cs. mostly As. some Bs. on my last report card, i got 5 Bs and the rest As.
  6. just dance along with your mood and what your friends and dancer are doing. just don't go crazy. mostly, u can just sway side to side during the slow dancing.
  7. I'm a dog lover. I hate it when dogs died. thanks for being so supportive. you guys don't have to worry about me or cry for me. I learn to get over it since last week. its sad, but i'm happy for molly, now that she's in doggy heaven!
  8. Thanks guys! I feel alot better now. I pretend molly is in doggy heaven with all my other dead dogs and they are taking care of her. I speak to molly in my mind. don't take me wrong, but i am very happy to talk to her and now how she's going in doggy heaven. she says she's a traveller and is travelling with my other dead dogs. usually i would be crying now, but i feel better now that molly is happy in heaven. Molly told me that she is going to hawaii. She met up with 2 other young traveller dogs called sammy and jenny. She hasn't told me much about them yet but i'm sure she will when she phones me [through our minds] again!!
  9. if he doesn't really like you. u can't make him. i like a guy. but i know i he doesn't like me at all so i'm getting on with it.
  10. Ghost: Yes, i even experienced and so did my bestie. its scary. i swear its true. my mom and my sis experinced ghosts too. Bloody Mary: no idea Lochness: kind of Orbs: don't even know what that is.
  11. aren't u too too young to be kissing? i'm 12 and i never kissed a boy or even had a boyfriend. not to be mean. But i think u should get on with life. u r only 10, i'm sure you'll find a better guy soon.