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    hey there. yea you xD <br><br><br><br>your in meh profile ya know?

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  1. ^ is nice > is nice also but dose not have a tama any more V is bored?
  2. thanks for all the post he was in a fish tank. lol and he wasn't that old. i am moving i am already at the new house : ( i hope i will still be able to find him.. thanks everyone hes a very cool cat i miss him very much Edit: i think someone stole him.
  3. my cat gone missing on Sept 25th, and i been looking really hard for him but still no luck, i done everything i could. i don't know anything now, i don't know if hes still alive or dead, I'm really really sad. i miss him a lot hes name is: dice here's pic of him 1 2 i loved him : (
  4. I love animals but i love wolves the most.
  5. *i will start it off* i love tamatalk too
  6. Here's a neat little game an old friend of mine created years ago with a little tweak to make it more fun. This is Change Add Delete. The Rules: -Click "Last" and look at the phrase in the last post -Copy that phrase, press "add new post" and paste it into your post -Change a word, Add a word, or Delete a word. -There can be no less than one word and no more than 7 words please! At the end of the day I'll copy what the sentence is and put it below. The starting sentence is: I Love tamatalk Then it became: I am loco too. Then: Then: Then: Then: Then: Then: Then: