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  1. the link is in the first post but heres another one! link its in the games section =O
  2. its in the same download place. theres nothing to be too excited about unless the thing you wanted most in the game was a link to my site. then you can be excited.
  3. o yeah, i forgot to say i added a new version. The only thing different is that theres a link to my site within the game. not much, but ya.
  4. Thats exactly what i was aiming for! i wanted a nice graphics pong game that wasn't a bore to play. and i think that galaxy pong fits just that. without adding more rules and stuff.
  5. lol, hey doglover long time no see. its too bad some of you cant play it. hopefully sooner or later you will have a chance.
  6. well unless you want to spend hundreds on flash then id suggest using what i use its free ( unless you want to upgrade it ) its called game maker you can get it from link its quite easy to learn becasue it has alot of drag and drop options instead of writing
  7. why doesn't anyone ever post in my topics =O
  8. myminicity is growing to be really popular now isnt it? Yes i have one its myminicity and myminicity
  9. ok well heres the download site download or you can get to it from my site [* link to personal site removed - TamaTalk site rules *] ( dont forget to subscribe to my site so you know when i make a new game) ok the game is called galaxy pong, and you can probably guess that its a pong remake! and its a great one at that. its got excellent graphics that will please your eyes and three different difficulty setting to match your level of experience! Thanks for playing, best of luck! billowillo
  10. well to answer exactly how i made it it might confuse some people because its not necessarily beginner stuff it includes using particles and uv mapping but heres the simplified version on how to make it because im a little occupied to make a full tutorial atm 1. create a uv sphere 2. add some particles for the hair 3. put around -20 on a z scale for gravity 4. color the hair 5. make 1 smaller uv sphere ( this will be the eyball and we will duplicate it) 6. uv map an eyeball image to the sphere 7. copy the eyball 8. place eyeballs in necessary location if you guys want i might make a video tutorial so it will be alot easier to follow... its just right now im a little busy so if u want me to make a video tut just so so
  11. lol i like the bowtie idea XD but i dont think im gonna do it i realy wouldnt know how to model a bow lol and he does realy look like cousin it doesnt he? lol XD
  12. lol ya he kinda does doesnet he, well i just added another one of him to the first post but this one you can see him better and it has more lighting so hes not so dark
  13. its a program called blender you can get it at and its free to use go ahead and try it if you want it takes a while to get the hang of (took me like 12 hours straight to get the basics lol XD ) but when u know what your doing it is very fun and a powerful program
  14. lol tahts what my parents said XD they both said it looked like it from the adans family XD ive never seen the adams family so i wouldnt know... it just kinda popped in my head when i was learning particles
  15. i have a lvl 25 mage 3x assist ( AoE ) and a lvl 4x mage i dont play it anymore though i despise it for reasons i wont mention