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  1. the link is in the first post but heres another one! link its in the games section =O
  2. its in the same download place. theres nothing to be too excited about unless the thing you wanted most in the game was a link to my site. then you can be excited.
  3. o yeah, i forgot to say i added a new version. The only thing different is that theres a link to my site within the game. not much, but ya.
  4. Thats exactly what i was aiming for! i wanted a nice graphics pong game that wasn't a bore to play. and i think that galaxy pong fits just that. without adding more rules and stuff.
  5. lol, hey doglover long time no see. its too bad some of you cant play it. hopefully sooner or later you will have a chance.
  6. well unless you want to spend hundreds on flash then id suggest using what i use its free ( unless you want to upgrade it ) its called game maker you can get it from link its quite easy to learn becasue it has alot of drag and drop options instead of writing
  7. why doesn't anyone ever post in my topics =O
  8. myminicity is growing to be really popular now isnt it? Yes i have one its myminicity and myminicity
  9. ok well heres the download site download or you can get to it from my site [* link to personal site removed - TamaTalk site rules *] ( dont forget to subscribe to my site so you know when i make a new game) ok the game is called galaxy pong, and you can probably guess that its a pong remake! and its a great one at that. its got excellent graphics that will please your eyes and three different difficulty setting to match your level of experience! Thanks for playing, best of luck! billowillo
  10. well to answer exactly how i made it it might confuse some people because its not necessarily beginner stuff it includes using particles and uv mapping but heres the simplified version on how to make it because im a little occupied to make a full tutorial atm 1. create a uv sphere 2. add some particles for the hair 3. put around -20 on a z scale for gravity 4. color the hair 5. make 1 smaller uv sphere ( this will be the eyball and we will duplicate it) 6. uv map an eyeball image to the sphere 7. copy the eyball 8. place eyeballs in necessary location if you guys want i might make a video tutorial so it will be alot easier to follow... its just right now im a little busy so if u want me to make a video tut just so so
  11. lol i like the bowtie idea XD but i dont think im gonna do it i realy wouldnt know how to model a bow lol and he does realy look like cousin it doesnt he? lol XD
  12. lol ya he kinda does doesnet he, well i just added another one of him to the first post but this one you can see him better and it has more lighting so hes not so dark
  13. its a program called blender you can get it at and its free to use go ahead and try it if you want it takes a while to get the hang of (took me like 12 hours straight to get the basics lol XD ) but when u know what your doing it is very fun and a powerful program
  14. lol tahts what my parents said XD they both said it looked like it from the adans family XD ive never seen the adams family so i wouldnt know... it just kinda popped in my head when i was learning particles
  15. i have a lvl 25 mage 3x assist ( AoE ) and a lvl 4x mage i dont play it anymore though i despise it for reasons i wont mention
  16. lol well i just got done making him in blender and thought id show u guys him comments? EDIT: i edited the old furry guy and added more light so he looks alot better
  17. thanks, i really enjoy good comments its what keep me going on my projects lol so ill be sure to add some more
  18. thanks i think im going to try this tutorial on how to make a snow scene and ill post my results when i get it done EDIT: im not sure about the snow scene, i think im gonna practice sculpting
  19. lol thanks for all the replies guys and sure i will post some more stuff i just need to make some stuff worth posting lol
  20. well the past day or 2 ive been attempting to learn how to use a program called blender 3d aka blender ive been just messing around with it trying to learn it for probably around 30 hours ( not straight lol but close ) and i spent the last half hour working on this simple animation and i thought id post it here to get some opinions and comments about it link so feel free to post what you think about it, it would be greatly appreciated
  21. yes well going to a new school might not be the best thing to do right now ( ill pm u about it i guess) and yes i know i had to do it but it wasnt right i was once told " you always seemed to do the right thing even if it was wrong" you might not understand it but what it is saying is that im known for doing the right thing even if its against the rules. and of course my parents know about this in fact my whole family does lol the word spread within like 10 minutes of my mom finding out ( shes very social with our family) in fact alot of "authority" figures know about this the only reason why much hasnt hapened yet is that it happend on friday and after the fight i was in the office for the rest of the day ( the vice principles are very busy so they couldnt attend to this articular problem yet) in fact i was there a few minutes after school wrapping things up. anyways what im trying to say is that nothing realy had a chance to happen yet i have barely talked to any of my friends about this one of the emailed me and we have been talking a little the past day or 2 about it she said that every one was shocked she said everyone was talking and having fun then they look over and see me mauling jacob she said they were scared. and another friend that i talked to for like 5 minutes about it said that when jacob came in class crying im not sure if he was crying becasue of the physical damge i did to him if there were any but he said that he was crying.. the vice principle said to me that jacob was just fine just maube a little bruised. so i realy didnt do to much damage i realy dont know what damge exactly i did to him i dont even know were i was hittnig him for all i knew i coulda be hitting some random person it all seems like a blur still but the vp ( im gonna say vp instead of vice principle from now on) said that i got him a good 4-5 times in the head. and since tomarow is monday im only gonna have the little time before school and a hlaf hour in advisory to talk to some people ( some of my friends that were there) about it after that im stuck in iss for the rest of the day. but ill be sure to tell you what happens dog lover and ill pm you the story of why i cant realy switch schools.
  22. yes i am 13, nice stroy and all but the thing about just not fighting and pushing them aside doesnt realy work alot of the time deppends on the people actually like ive almost got in fights many times and i just kinda ignore them and blow them off like you did but sometimes that doesnt always work they are adreniline high and want to fight so even if you try to walk away they throw the first punch so i guess getting in a fight with him will hopefully show people that im not gonna |=|_|(|< around anymore hopefully it takes extra impact on everyone becasue hes bigger and stronger than me.. or so it seems. people underestimate me alot becasue i let things slide alot but im putting my foot down nothing people do to me is going to go unpunshished becasue i realy dont have anything i can lose... before this i even stood up to someone literaly twice my size he is a cagefighter and is one of the guys who wear leather with spikes on it and just fights for no reason what so ever and he was "picking" on me so says some people and he told me to give him my pencil and i go no get your own pencil and hes like want me to kick your @55 and i say go ahead id like to see you try and he just sat back down and he realy hasnt givin me a hard time since.. i just told that story because it helps my theory of people only listen to violence if people arent intimidated by you then your as good as dead anyways about the kid with the knife he wasnt chasing me with it if he was then i woulda turned around and killed him with my bare hands there was 2 diffrent occasions with the kid with the knife.. the first was after something realy bad happened at a park and hes standing there and says come here i need to talk to you ( you could see the knife he was holding behind his back) so i yell out |=|_|(|< you and walk to my friends house which was accross the street... the next time was me and my friends were hanging out in there front yard and then we see him walking down the sidewalk with a knife and my friend goes uhh mikal has a kinfe so we all just calmy walk in side... anyways back on the school fight subject im thinking of trasnfering schools to a better school with hardly any fights says my friend but now i dont think thats gonna happen ( another story) so know i think im stuck in this school for another year after this and then im going to go to an even worse school with more people plus the same people as now.. i just hope that its not as bad but who knows
  23. doglover, I could think of alot of reasons why i did it but im sure your going to backfire them all in some way or another even if they are legit reasons im even sure if i said he killed my whole family then dragged me on the streets to die you still would say it wasnt the right thing to do. Im sure your alot older than i am but that doesnt mean you have walked in my shoes my whole life fell apart that morning and ten plus everything from the past just built up. attacking jacob i guess was just my way of venting or maybe i just needed to release some frustration and he just set me off. hes alot bigger than me to im sure alot of people were suprised that I the nerd of the school took him down jsut like that. sorry im kinda getting off topic here back on topic im not gonna say any reasons why i did it theres realy no point id be stelling my life story from last year to now becasue every day in my life something bad happens that gets thrown to the back of my mind im a very passive person it takes ALOT for me to do something like that trust me... Locky, he realy doesnt "hog" my friends at all hes just there. well i guess there was an incidint with him about a month back but thats a diffrent story
  24. GotchiGirl, you sound just like my vice principal i knew the consequences i was well aware of the no tolerece for fighitng rule at my school but frankly i dont care in the slightest im gonna do what ive gotta do no matter the consequences and this is what i had to do mametchi, i realy cant my friends are as goody good as they realy get half of em are the type that have read everysingle book imaginable have 4.0 grade point average etc. so finding new friends would make things work if anything. Puma, i dont regret it because it was something i had to do and i am aware that it will go on my permenant record too but i realy dont think it will affect my future much my record is COMPLETELY clean in fact it has alot of good stuff on it such as academic team, honor roll, student of the month, etc this is my only suspension so far in my 1 and a half years in jr high i havnet even gotten a detention as you all can tell im complex i have my reasons for why i started this fight and everything else that i do. i dont regret doing anything in my life that ive done no matter how bad. i believe everything happens for a reason, including this fight. i could tell you guys more on that subject of everything happening for a reason but i dont think any of you care so i wont.... id write more but im outta time on the computer hope to see more replys to this topic- billowillo