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  1. Paramore - Emergency It reminds me of my bestest friend.
  2. xD I have both albums, know when they started... Basically everything about them. I <333333 PARAMORE! Hayley turned 19 today! W00t
  3. Sad. But it does happen. I hope this story isn't true.
  4. Wait, I have one that isn't personal... My confession is that I once dropped my brother. He was on a matress and like 1 cm from it so he was fine... He threw his head back and I dropped him. He giggled.
  5. Yup. I'm only in grade 7. I'm too young and too stressed to handle a boyfriend too.
  6. My confession is that I don't want to confess on a website that anyone can read. Sorry, My confessions stay with me and my friends =]
  7. I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay soon. Just remember he's always watching over you and he's always with you, in your heart <3 My grandfather hates me. So in a way, even though he's passed away, you know he loved you... So you're kind of lucky because you can keep going with the thought that he has always loved you.
  8. Okay, I was on Gaia and one of the members posted this. I though it was really beautiful but you can decide for yourselves. Now Granny said, "Sonny stick to your gun if you believe in something no matter what.. cause it's better to be hated for who you are Than loved for who you're not." She was 5 feet of concrete New York born and raised on a slick city street. She'll cold stare you down, stand her ground, still kickin' and screamin' at 93. I remember how frail she looked in that hospital bed taking her last few breaths of life and smiling as she said.. Don't get too high on a bottle, Just a little sip now and then, Fight your fights, Find your grace in all the things you two can't change And help somebody if you can.. What are your opinions?
  9. We had to work in the library once ebcause they had to take the roof off ebcause of asbestos. They did that on the holidays but there was still asbestos in the roof so they had to do something to it... But we've never had to go home because of something like that.
  10. My eyelashes don't fall out and neither do my mum's. It's not true. I agree with SK on this one. Also, isn't it against the rules to post chain letters?
  11. Yes. It's illegal. People still do it. I don't know how we missed it though... It was kind of obvious. Oh well.
  12. Aussies! Did you suddenly have an urge to go shopping at BigW or eat ChuppaChups while wating the ARIAS? Well, here's the explaination. They used subliminal messaging (Quick flashes of a logo) for both of those companies. ARIA 2007 video slowed down. Watch very closely at both versions of the videos. You can see the logos. What are your opinions?
  13. xD Ahahaha. I can't wait for the day these idiots start saying "Omg, Wtf? Brb" in class. I think it'll be funny. Har @ the person who said there'll be a dictionary for this one day.
  14. I know. I'm giving up "Lol" It is really annoying. I'd prefer normal talking anyday...
  15. My hair is like yours Jess. I hate my hair... So, I can't get it layered or my nan would kill me so I'm going to dye it. Purple and orange streaks. Then my hair will be some I do like. Anyway... Hate: Big feet, My inability to fake cry, My teeth, My nails. Like: My eyes.
  16. Lol is in the dictionary, too. One day it will be common to speak like that ("Whoa, lol, kthxbai") and the people who speak like normal people will be the weird ones now.
  17. Aaznig ins't it? I heop you can raed tihs. Snice tihs is waht the ticop is aobut I dciedd to do it. (Aamazing isn't it? I hope you can read this, Since this is what the topic is about, I decided to do it)
  18. Nothing unusual. I can put both feet behind my head and sing.
  19. So, I am allergic to chlorine, the chemical in the pool at school so I'll have a reaction if I go in. Today we had our swimming carnival and I didn't swim (Obviously) but I got really sunburnt. All down my legs and right across my face. It is so painful... It's like right near my ears, too, where my hair hangs down, meaning I can't leave my hair down... It has to be tied back. All down my neck is burnt too. I feel sick. I could hardly eat my dinner and I've had Panadol and it hasn't helped. But the sunburn is only from my eyebrows down on my face. So my forehead is pale but the rest of me looks like a tomato. Lulz. I have to play softball tomorrow and I'm so sore. And I have a friends coming over on Saturday and maybe Sunday. Any really quick cures for sunburn? No peeling, blisters, redness or pain? PLEASE TELL ME NOW!
  20. Yup. Orange. Totally, 100% me. You are responsible for your own actions, and you know how to treat people. You always have goals to reach, and are competitive. When it comes to friendship, you find it hard to trust someone, but once you find the right friend, you trust them forever. <3
  21. *Summer*


    Okay, so there's this thing called KateModern. It's a video thingy about a few people Called Kate, Gavin, Tariq and Charlie. The story so far Kate has abnormal blood. Charlie and Kate are flatmates. Kate stopped paying rent and Charlie got kicked out. She's now living with Gavin (Gav). Charlie is always blogging (Lulz). They're all trying to find Kate together. So... Yeah. It's a Bebo video series or something. Maybe you'll be able to find it on YouTube. Have fun watching =]
  22. Nah, I'm too young. I don't really have a crush or anything either... Oh well.
  23. That's the thing. He's a liar. His mother can't possibly die from what she has and if she has it he'd partly have it which he doesn't. I can't say what it is that his mother has but I want to be a doctor, I've reseached it and I know you can not die from it. I know this sounds really mean but he is a liar, he does it all the time.
  24. I agree with Tenniswinner. It seems he's just trying to annoy you so you'll get really angry. You can always beat up a pillow or something to let your anger out healthily but don't yell and scream at him, It'll only make things worse, and if he knows he can make you angry he'll keep doing it. Just leave it and he'll stop =]