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    Interests, hmmmmm, singing, dancing, arabic music, PCD, internet, correcting ppl, NUMA Dance, much more, oh yeah Orlando Bloom!!! Johny Depp tooooooo!<br><br>"A crush ends with a crush at the end...." Me<br><br>Friends on TT are Tamagotchi 101 tamagotchi, ciutypye, tama_grl11 cool demon girl101,angel_girl,ichigo moon,greendaygirl829, TwoHornedHuman, dog11, Night angel, Black~Heart/mimichikid, tamagal101

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  1. I really don't like them, I remebered the song they did with U2, wurst (yes with a U) song ever!
  2. He is in Maratania now. How do u think they track him, cuz they need proof?!
  3. I am shy at first u know me, then I start hangin out and not be like shy, if u annoy me or bother me, you will find me evil, and bassically, I am always that sarcastic funny wild lion roaming around, bassically doing notin.
  4. Me, well, its cold, New Jersey is getting cold lately
  5. Ok, that is weird, wheter thats Satan, or you are imagining things.
  6. Yeah, you now, if someone came blurting out: "Oh MY GOD, LOOK THAT GIRL LOOKS LIKE ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!" to me, ok, that is insulting even though Orlando is cute..but thats diffrent story.
  7. COntact information for Dominic James on IMDd, or whatever its called.
  8. Ok, if you are soooo obsessed with this guy, whatever, then here is his e-mail :
  9. Wow, you must be a major fan....of a guy who just came up in 1 movie, you sure are a big fan.
  10. I would have to say grape leaves, I love them, and, I love those little middle eastern spinach pies, they are so delicous! Oh, and I would die for lobster, if you had lobster GIVE ME THE LOBSTER!
  11. The re-animated dude,ok, girls these days, falling for new stars....pre-dictable....
  12. That happens alot to me, especially when I was training in Judo, we had to climb this rope, ugh, I hated it...
  13. ???? Ok, that was weird, a mom does that for stinkin shells, ok, what???