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  1. Hahaha, Tamagotchis are always a great idea. Haha, love all the other ideas too!
  2. My boyfriend and I have our six month anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks and I already have heaps of ideas, but I wondered what you guys all thought about the six month anniversary and what an appropriate gift was? I love things that come from the heart - personalised things, but was interested in what you all had to offer.
  3. 'Has 'opportunity' got two 'p's or one?' 'P.' It's officially gotten to the point where I'm too tired to function. Lol, copied my facebook status for some reason...
  4. The Black Parade is the best thing since War of the Worlds. In fact... it's better. Such a good album - to write an album that tells a story, you HAVE to be talented. <3
  5. Hello everyone! Some of you might remember me - I was a regular here back in 2006, and I've been floating around, coming back every so often to visit the 'Fun Stuff' and 'Non Tama Talk' boards. But yesterday I decided to reactivate some of my tamas. So I reactivated two of the eight. I've reactivated my Familitchi, which is really annoying me at the moment, haha. And I also reactivated my gorgeous V1 that is responsible for my old Tamagotchi addiction... So anyway, I pressed 'Download' upon replacing the battery, and I had a 0 year old Gen 1 female Marutchi (must've taken such good care of my tamas... ). I've always had this fascination with Hanatchis, but I could NEVER get them. So I thought 'I'm going to get one this time!' This morning, Zaura (don't ask - I don't even know. That was the name when I downloaded, haha. It's been a few years now... like three or four. ) turned into an Ichigotchi. So, what can I do to ensure that madam Zaura turns into a Hanatchi? Because I NEED A HANATCHI. It's a matter of life or death. Thanks in advance, Bronica. Edit: Also, is it normal that Zaura is zero years old and a teenager? She was zero yesterday when I downloaded, and she's still zero...
  6. Turn Off The Lights by Panic! At The Incredibly Amazing Disco.
  7. You're banned for having a sideways heart in your username!
  8. You MUST look them up! Really great band, comprising of Ryan and Jon. They started it after they left Panic! Dare I say it, I think I LIKE that they left, because now we have TWO great bands instead of one!!!
  9. Time Turned Fragile by Motion City Soundtrack. Great song, but the ending's a bit boring.
  10. You clearly have awesome taste. 1. Turn Off The Lights - Panic! At The Disco ('Scuse me a moment. Feeling the urge to listen to this entire song... ) 2. Your Eyes - RENT 3. The Continental American - The Boy From Oz 4. Tell Her - 13 5. Feel Like Rain - Motion City Soundtrack 6. SING - My Chemical Romance 7. If That's What it Is - 13 8. Take Me Or Leave Me - RENT 9. When You're Around - Motion City Soundtrack 10. Time Turned Fragile - Motion City Soundtrack. Same as last time, really. Showtunes + rock...