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  1. Hi Locky could you please make me a drawing of a mudkip like you picture because it looks like your really good at it

  2. Uh.. TamaGirl_Desy is a female. And the last time I checked, she didn't have surgery.. Eh.. Um.. maybe it's period problem? Like on those commercials where females take pills for PHS or whatever stuff?
  3. Yes :]] (HINT HINT, MY SIGNATURE) *I*/10 Sooo uber!! I love the shiny colors.
  4. No, it's Unihorn's! D: Should I get wet?
  5. Your welcome, it's soo cool! Kayne West, Miranda Cosgrobe, and the other two? A lot of people love Demi. xD *i*/10
  6. You get nothing. -inserts Buneary-
  7. Somewhat a fan, I think I'm getting the hang of it. TamaTalk? xD
  8. WOAH! So many mixes of songs! So creative. *i*/10