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  1. dont you people give a care about my question? please! come on! just help me out a little! some people get alot of replys then some people like me get ignored and it's so dumb! waaaaaa!
  2. Does anyone have any tips for them because i heard they're hard to take care of and die easy. Are they rare?
  3. it doesnt really do anything exept help u with bump
  4. I got a warusotchi and i was wondering if anyone else has/had one. if you have plz tell me are they secret characters?
  5. no i got that info on a website....
  6. i dont know....i wonder if...naaah
  7. Has anyone had santa come on christmas...or a turkey on thanksgiving? or anything on halloween?
  8. If you have any other tips on getting a mametchi, post them here
  9. First, you need to get a tamatchi. then as it grows DO NOT let it drop hearts! keep it healthy and happy all the time. -ASHLEE
  10. My highest generation is G2! I know it's stupid but my tama always gets boring to me and i reset it! Now, i keep my tama. Im on G2 right now and i will not reset! What is the highest Generation you've gotten to?
  11. please if you know can you tell the times that the matchmaker comes? my tama is 6, he might come today or tomorrow so i need the times! thankyou! -ASHLEE